December 2010

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Rdio in the New Google Chrome Web Store

Tackling the occasionally scattered array of web apps, Google today announced the creation of Google Chrome Web Store. How does that relate to us? You can also find Rdio in their list of web apps.

Offering the same features as, you’ll find it easy to discover, share and listen to whatever you want, whenever you want.

(Do you love Rdio? Be sure to go the Google Chrome Web Store and rate, review and discuss why you think we’re so grand. We would sure appreciate you spreading the good cheer. And as always, if you find us lacking in one department or another, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.)

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Discover More Music with Rdio and Twitter

Where do you go after you find a band so incredible you want to tell all your friends? From what digital rooftop would you shout your love for that newly available re-issue album? Most people head straight to Twitter.

Starting today, Twitter isn’t just someplace you can only talk about music—it’s also someplace you can actually hear music. Now when someone views a tweet that links to an Rdio song, album or playlist, our embedded music player will appear in the details pane of #NewTwitter.

What happens when someone who hasn’t yet discovered Rdio sees the music player? They can listen to 30-second samples and easily sign-up to enjoy the free 7-day trial.

If you’d like to see Rdio’s embedded players in action on Twitter, give it a try yourself! Make sure your Rdio and Twitter accounts are linked and start sharing.


Award Season: The 53rd Annual GRAMMYs Announce Nominees

Last night the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards shared the list of nominees. While much of the music found in The Grammy’s most well-known award categories is in your network’s Heavy Rotation and has graced Rdio’s Top Charts, the overall selection of music is a great spotlight on 2010’s most notable musical contributions. We’re compiling an extensive playlist that will feature music from the coveted Record of the Year all the way to Best Classical Crossover Album—there’s sure to be some new music left for you to experience before the close of this year.

To see the whole list of Nominees, visit the list or simply press Play below to hear the complete list of GRAMMY nominated songs on Rdio:

Who will win? You have until February 13th to pick your favorites.