December 2010

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Happy Holidays from Rdio

We’ve been too busy eating candy canes and ripping through presents to put together a New Music playlist for this week. Instead of a regularly scheduled New Music Tuesday, let’s reminisce to simpler times—2010.

What happened?

Still longing to find something new? Today’s New Releases are waiting for you.

See ya in 2011—we’ve got big things in store.


The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 11: Christmas Jams Granny Won ’t Like

Those kids and their music these days. In honor of the youth, Josh Hemsley created a playlist of songs guaranteed to get Grandma to turn her hearing aids off. The fellows of Maroon 5, Blink 182, and Spinal Tap all offer their takes on heartbreak and cheer.


The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 12: I ’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas

It isn’t every day Pitchfork reviews a charity Christmas compilation but when I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas was released, they deemed it worthy. Ratings aside, this collection of indie rock songs will warm your heart. Benefiting Amnesty International, Au Revoir Simone, Blitzen Trapper, and the Parenthetical Girls offer you their mix of classic, original and sweet, haunting holiday music.


Android Evo 4G issues

The latest firmware update for the Sprint Evo 4G (v3.70.651.1) has broken Rdio’s ability to stream music over cellular data, and we’re investigating potential fixes. Google, HTC and Sprint are aware of the issue, which is also affecting other streaming apps.

Playback should still work over wifi; see this forum thread for other potential workarounds.

Thanks for your patience while we work on addressing it, and stay tuned here (and our Twitter account) for news of a fix.

Update, 2011-01-17 — Sprint is working on an OTA update for this issue, but Sprint Customer Care can push an update to your Evo if you call them and ask about it. Here’s what to do via the forum thread:

  1. Call Sprint @ 877-639-8351 from a phone other than your EVO
  2. Enter your EVO’s phone #
  3. Hit “3” for tech support
  4. Hit “5” for other
  5. Hit “0” for operator
  6. Mention you’re running 3.70.651.1 and have the “streaming audio issue”

The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 9: Blues for Christmas

If you don’t care to hear another precious glockenspiel or the gentle jingling of bells, turn up the volume on compilation Blues for Christmas. Guitars and banjos abound in this lo-fi ode to the less perfect parts of Christmas.


The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 10: Gleeks rejoice

Love it or leave it, Glee was even more impossible to miss this year as they wrapped up the most recent season by releasing an adorable album of Christmas songs. The underdog group of McKinley High schoolers tackle Christmas classics in their very special bubblegum way that’ll surely brightened up your gift wrapping station.

MusicNew Music Weekly

New Music Tuesday: 2010

Don’t mind this week’s abbreviated New Music Tuesday selections—instead we’re treating you to a 2010 retrospective. More important than what we liked is what you listened to this year. Add your favorite tracks to the Best of New Music Tuesday: 2010 playlist and help us create the ultimate Year in Review.

After studying each week’s top albums, we noticed some trends. Keep reading to find out what we saw as this year’s top rap albums, party music, frequent Heavy Rotation albums and more.

Top Rap Albums

If people on Rdio love rap music, then they really love Eminem. Taking the top honor in the All Time charts is Eminem’s 7th album, Recovery. Also notable is Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later and Lil Wayne’s pre-prison I Am Not A Human Being.

Popular Soundtracks

Sure you saw the movies, but what about the music? Three soundtracks stood out this year: the video game-influenced Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, mind-bender Inception and the very futuristic TRON: Legacy.

Favorite Party Albums

Do you visit Rdio when you need something to play for your dinner party or BBQ? In all likelihood, you could pick the latest popular albums from LCD Soundsystem, Taio Cruz or super-producer Mark Ronson and set the mood for a very hopping fiesta.

Frequent Heavy Rotation Albums

Some albums seem to stick around longer than others in Heavy Rotation. Depending on your network’s preferences, these popular albums from The Black Keys or (Grammy nominated) Mumford & Sons might have graced your Heavy Rotation for weeks at a time. Haven’t listened to them yet? Why fight it? Queue them up right now and satisfy your lingering curiosity.

Honorable Mentions

Defying categorization beyond being largely appreciated by people who listened to them, Big Boi, Tokyo Police Club and Janelle Monáe are albums you may want to test drive if you haven’t heard them before.

Back to New Music

If those are the top 2010 albums, what’s new since last week? Listen to the New Music Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 playlist below—collaborate and add your favorites.


The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 8: The New Yorker ’s Songs of the Years

Inspired by the evolution of music played throughout the history of New Yorker magazine, writer Ben Greenman set out to create a playlist for the company’s holiday party. Including a song for every year since New Yorker magazine began, it’s the non-holiday music of choice for a great festive party. Since only the list of songs was shared, Patrick Filler decided to re-create the mix on Rdio.


The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 6 & 7: R. Kelly and some Jingley Belly Tuneage

He’s just a snowman, looking for a snowgirl. Reworking one of the featured songs off his recently released album of the same name, R. Kelly writes you a Christmas Love Letter with more cowbell.

Interested in something more familiar? Nerdgirl’s playlist, Xmas Jingley Belly Tunage undoubtedly contains the songs and memories of your childhood Christmas vacation. What’s December without a little A Charlie Brown Christmas or The Carpenters? Enjoy almost 4 hours of music that’ll inspire even the Grinch to sip some spiked eggnog.


The 12 Days of Christmas Music, Day 5: Frightened Rabbits