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Discover More Music with Rdio and Twitter

Where do you go after you find a band so incredible you want to tell all your friends? From what digital rooftop would you shout your love for that newly available re-issue album? Most people head straight to Twitter.

Starting today, Twitter isn’t just someplace you can only talk about music—it’s also someplace you can actually hear music. Now when someone views a tweet that links to an Rdio song, album or playlist, our embedded music player will appear in the details pane of #NewTwitter.

What happens when someone who hasn’t yet discovered Rdio sees the music player? They can listen to 30-second samples and easily sign-up to enjoy the free 7-day trial.

If you’d like to see Rdio’s embedded players in action on Twitter, give it a try yourself! Make sure your Rdio and Twitter accounts are linked and start sharing.