Android Evo 4G issues

The latest firmware update for the Sprint Evo 4G (v3.70.651.1) has broken Rdio’s ability to stream music over cellular data, and we’re investigating potential fixes. Google, HTC and Sprint are aware of the issue, which is also affecting other streaming apps.

Playback should still work over wifi; see this forum thread for other potential workarounds.

Thanks for your patience while we work on addressing it, and stay tuned here (and our Twitter account) for news of a fix.

Update, 2011-01-17 — Sprint is working on an OTA update for this issue, but Sprint Customer Care can push an update to your Evo if you call them and ask about it. Here’s what to do via the forum thread:

  1. Call Sprint @ 877-639-8351 from a phone other than your EVO
  2. Enter your EVO’s phone #
  3. Hit “3” for tech support
  4. Hit “5” for other
  5. Hit “0” for operator
  6. Mention you’re running 3.70.651.1 and have the “streaming audio issue”