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Notable New Music

This week’s New Music Tuesday is full of surprisingly feel-good and old-school albums, singles, remixes and re-issues. Old favorites like Weezer, N.E.R.D. and Elvis Costello make an appearance right next to newcomers like Mini Mansions, Matt & Kim and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. in New Releases. Add this music to your queue, or maybe your Collection, and after a few spins, write a review.

Matt & Kim’s energetic enthusiasm and joie de vivre is only a little bit of what they’re about. The tremendous keyboardist and drummer twosome have run naked through the streets to arrive at their third album, Sidewalks.

It might be a sleepy Tuesday workday, but you can bring a little Saturday night partying to right now. N.E.R.D.’s fourth go-around, Nothing, adds a female counterpart to Pharrell, new singer Rhea.

Ever the old-time gentleman, Elvis Costello’s ballads are most reminiscent of a modern wandering minstrel. Don’t keep walking, stop and listen while he busks with guests like Vince Gill and Leon Russell in National Ransom.

  • When the first word sung on a first track is the title of a new album, you might have a concept album on your hands. Cardiology is the exploration of Good Charlotte’s heart, with the returning right and left ventricles, the Madden brothers, and the newest pacemaker, drummer Dean Butterworth.

  • Another Queens of the Stone Age spin-off sprouts up as one band member teams up with some old friends. A little bit wandering carnival with some Beatles distortion, Mini Mansionsself-titled debut album sounds surprisingly classic.

  • If the dynamic single I Believe in You from Black Dub was to your liking, then queue up the self-titled full-length project from Daniel Lanois and Trixie Whitley, daughter of the late Chris Whitley. More raw singing, low-key beats and pure musicianship shine through.

Singles + Remixes

Most people wouldn’t immediately record a song with Chris Brown after having been sentenced to go to prison. Then again, most people aren’t rap stars. Here’s what T.I. had to say after learning he was heading back to lock-up, Get Back Up.

Force of nature and dance explosion Ciara slips you a sneak peak from her upcoming Basic Instinct album with the sparse, intense and bass-heavy Gimmie Dat.

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything more to like about the cheerful and quirky Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., you can hear that their music sounds fun even when other people like Kasper Bjorke, Deastro and Diego and The Dissidents remix it.

Cover Albums, Greatest Hits and Re-Issues

Are you left feeling overwhelmed by all the new selections this week? Enlist the help of other people on Rdio by checking out BikerChick’s playlist of 11/2/10 music.