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New on Rdio: Find More People to Follow

Who you follow on Rdio makes all the difference. They determine your network’s Heavy Rotation and Recent Activity, and are responsible for getting you to try music you might otherwise miss. Other peoples’ reviews, playlists, Collection additions and networks are the perfect way to find trusted recommendations.

Finding the right people can be a little tricky… and sometimes your friends have musical tastes that don’t interest you. How do you find outstanding people to follow?

Use Rdio’s new People to Follow guide. We list our favorite Tastemakers, Suggested Users (who have great playlists, reviews and Heavy Rotations), Top Listeners and new Rdio users.

You can also link your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other accounts to find people you know.

Have a friend you’re surprised isn’t on Rdio yet? Send ‘em an invite! So while you’re waiting for your friends to join, there are plenty of other people with great taste in music on Rdio.