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New New Music Tuesday

You know what you like. What we want to do here with New Music Tuesday, is add a little something extra to the new music you might try out this week, and expand on what you see being added to your friends’ collections. Spotlighting the best and newest music in the Rdio catalog is already on our agenda but today we’re doing things a little differently.

Instead of using many embedded players to show off this week’s new albums, singles and EPs, there is just one collaborative playlist we’ve seeded with some favored songs from our favorite new music. Since there isn’t time to listen to everything, we want you to add your favorites from New Releases to the playlist. Next week we’ll pick someone randomly who contributed to the playlist to get a free month of Rdio!

Playlist Notes:

Did you notice? We’re informally using Rdio on Rdio to create these playlists. Follow us if you also want to see what we’re adding to our collection, other playlists we’re enjoying and to stay up to date on what we’re checking out in Rdio.

So what happened to the reissues and newly available back catalog section of New Music Tuesday? We’re saving that one for another day so stay tuned and don’t forget to add your favorite New Music Tuesday picks for a chance to win some free time on Rdio.