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Jackets On, Volume Up: New Music Tuesday

Now that we’re in the throes of the holiday season, New Music Tuesday is cooling down. Bands like Ladytron, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and musician Adele have albums coming out in the new year but want to capture your ears early by releasing their first singles now. Other bands treat the holidays as a time to give you a little present, like Iron and Wine, Circa Survive and Suddenly Summer, who all have a song from their EPs featured. Next, there are the brave few who dare release some warm-weather albums, like Surf City, Keep Shelly in Athens and Mighty Clouds. Other musicians like Eric Benét, Chrisette Michele, Ronald Isley and El DeBarge have embraced this time of year and created cuddle-up-to-your-sweetheart music.

Pick something new to try today and get in the spirit by adding your favorite songs to the Rdio on Rdio collaborative playlist. Last week’s winner, KrisErickson, got a month free on Rdio and if you add something this week, you could win free time too.*

Playlist Notes

  • Adele, Rolling in the Deep: This single is off her upcoming sophomore album, 21.

  • Iron & Wine, Walking Far From Home: This EP is actually an extra-large single. Its decidedly different sound departs from the typically smooth delivery and is all electronic beats and funk.

  • Mighty Clouds, Mighty Clouds: Created by Saturday Sounds Good to Me alum, the crisp-vocals and sweet guitar make this debut album lucid and pleasant.

  • El DeBarge, Second Chance: The album title alludes to El DeBarge’s recent stay in the slammer. On the rebound from his parole lock-up, DeBarge is back with the honey-tongued falsetto that made him big.

  • Ronald Isley, Mr. I: Another musician on the up-and-up after time in jail (Isley was in jail for gnarly tax evasion), this founding member of The Isley Brothers, is finally releasing his first solo work.

  • …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Summer of All Dead Souls: The band with a mouthful name is known for their epic, enormous music. This single, off their upcoming album, Tao of the Dead, has a solid hook and great rock feel.

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Introducing: the Rdio Free Subscription Sweepstakes

This extra jolly and generous time of year deserves an extra special giveaway. We’d like to thank current and future Rdio fans by giving away a 1-year Unlimited subscription every day until December 25th. “So you’re giving away thirty 1-year subscriptions?” Yes, indeed.

The Rdio Free Subscription Sweepstakes is happening on our Facebook page so if you haven’t already, ‘Like’ Rdio. After that, you can enter the sweepstakes, see the official rules, and share it with other people on Facebook. We’ll be drawing a name from each day’s entries, so be sure to stop by often.

Do you know someone who needs a year of Rdio? Tell them about it! Everyone benefits from having more people with awesome musical taste on Rdio. Just think of what you could discover. So cheers to you, music lover! We appreciate and enjoy having you on Rdio.

MusicNew Music Weekly

New Music Tuesday: The Warm Beats for Cold Weather Edition

Heavy on energized sounds and buoyant beats, this week’s New Music Tuesday features music from Kanye West, the debut album of the already prolific Nicki Minaj, and the final album of Robyn’s Body Talk series. Rounding out the edges, the mix includes music from Japanese shoegazer group Plastic Girl In Closet and new music from the ever-evolving My Chemical Romance. Try something new today and if you like a song, queue up the album, review it or add it to one of your playlists.

Don’t forget, we’re giving away a free month of Rdio to a randomly selected collaborator, so add your favorite new music the playlist. As for the winner of last week’s New Music Tuesday playlist, congratulations alex_gaynor—enjoy a month on us!

Playlist Notes

  • Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Larger-than-life producer turned solo artist, Kanye’s fifth album seems to be universally adored by his critics and hardcore fans. Based on the Rdio reviews so far, this is the don’t-miss album for your 2010 Best Of list.

  • Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday: Even though this is her first studio album, Nicki Minaj has gained a large following with her no-holds-barred flow seen on guest tracks of other big-name rappers.

  • Robyn, Body Talk: She might be flying under-the-radar in the United States, but people on Rdio seem to love and appreciate the Swedish artist’s party-ready staples. Body Talk is the final installation of her EP series.

  • Ne-Yo, Libra Scale: The big-picture concept album from R&B singer Ne-Yo is full of songs that give you goosebumps. (How can he sound so much like Michael Jackson??)

  • Calle 13, Entren Los Que Quieran: The Puerto Rican super-group was started by a handful of family members. Their multi-cultural music spans many styles and has earned them Latin Grammys galore. Try on their energetic sounds with their 4th studio album.

New Features

New on Rdio: Find More People to Follow

Who you follow on Rdio makes all the difference. They determine your network’s Heavy Rotation and Recent Activity, and are responsible for getting you to try music you might otherwise miss. Other peoples’ reviews, playlists, Collection additions and networks are the perfect way to find trusted recommendations.

Finding the right people can be a little tricky… and sometimes your friends have musical tastes that don’t interest you. How do you find outstanding people to follow?

Use Rdio’s new People to Follow guide. We list our favorite Tastemakers, Suggested Users (who have great playlists, reviews and Heavy Rotations), Top Listeners and new Rdio users.

You can also link your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other accounts to find people you know.

Have a friend you’re surprised isn’t on Rdio yet? Send ‘em an invite! So while you’re waiting for your friends to join, there are plenty of other people with great taste in music on Rdio.

MusicRecommended By Rdio

The Michael Jackson and Akon Duet

After the premature passing of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop left behind a massive legacy and shoes too big to fill. He also left behind enough unfinished songs to make an album. Completing this music was something his producers and collaborators set out to do. The first single, Hold My Hand featuring Akon, is a sweet meditation on companionship and togetherness.

The full album, Michael, will be available December 14th.

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Dr. Dre's New Single, "Kush", Featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon

After a decade of writing and recording, Dr. Dre’s final album, Detox, is almost done. A surprise single was released today and it features buds Snoop Dog and Akon rapping about a favorite west-coast topic, Kush.

If you like this, keep your eyes and ears open for tomorrow when we’ll have another Akon collaboration fit for a king.

Tips & Tricks

Just Press Play: Introducing Rdio Stations

If you’ve ever said, “I just want to click Play and listen to something,” now you can, using Rdio Stations.

Starting today, listen to a shuffled mix of music from your Collection, Heavy Rotation or any Artist using Rdio Stations. Clicking Play on an Rdio Station means an instant mix of music. If you’d like more control over playback, use the fly-over controls to select 25-100 songs and play them instantly, or add them to your queue.

Additionally, if you enable Repeat on Rdio’s web player while listening to either Heavy Rotation or your Collection’s Rdio Station, you’ll get a continuous selection of music. Yep, music that won’t run out.

Go ahead, treat your Heavy Rotation or Collection to the ultimate shuffle. When you’re done, let us know what you think and if you’re looking for the nitty gritty on how to use Rdio Stations, you can read more at Rdio’s Help site.

MusicNew Music Weekly

New New Music Tuesday

You know what you like. What we want to do here with New Music Tuesday, is add a little something extra to the new music you might try out this week, and expand on what you see being added to your friends’ collections. Spotlighting the best and newest music in the Rdio catalog is already on our agenda but today we’re doing things a little differently.

Instead of using many embedded players to show off this week’s new albums, singles and EPs, there is just one collaborative playlist we’ve seeded with some favored songs from our favorite new music. Since there isn’t time to listen to everything, we want you to add your favorites from New Releases to the playlist. Next week we’ll pick someone randomly who contributed to the playlist to get a free month of Rdio!

Playlist Notes:

Did you notice? We’re informally using Rdio on Rdio to create these playlists. Follow us if you also want to see what we’re adding to our collection, other playlists we’re enjoying and to stay up to date on what we’re checking out in Rdio.

So what happened to the reissues and newly available back catalog section of New Music Tuesday? We’re saving that one for another day so stay tuned and don’t forget to add your favorite New Music Tuesday picks for a chance to win some free time on Rdio.

New FeaturesNews

Now on Rdio for Android: Home Screen Bookmarks

If you find yourself listening to The Lady Killer over and over again or are always in the mood for Stevie Wonder during your morning commute, add a button to your home screen for easy listening. Now when you long-press your home screen on the Android, you can take add a home-screen bookmark to your favorite artist Rdio Station, album, or playlist.

Visit the Rdio for Android app guide for more information on how to bookmark music from Rdio to your home screen.


Get Rdio on your BlackBerry Curve 8500, Torch or Storm

It’s been busy in the Rdio mobile apps workshop — just recently we announced Rdio for Windows Phone 7, and today we’re happy to say that we’ve added support for more devices to Rdio for BlackBerry.

In addition to the BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Tour, the app is also now available on the BlackBerry Curve 8500, BlackBerry Torch, and both versions of the BlackBerry Storm.

If you haven’t yet experienced the wonder of music synced offline or being able to listen to what you want, when you want it, give Rdio for BlackBerry a try. Besides offline access, you can listen to your Rdio collection, playlists, view your network’s Heavy Rotation and more.

To get Rdio for BlackBerry on one of the newly supported devices, simply visit with the browser on your BlackBerry device and the download will begin. If you don’t yet have an Rdio account, visit on your computer and sign-up for the free 3-day trial.

And remember, if you don’t have a BlackBerry, Rdio is also available for iPhone & iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone 7.