Celebrate Halloween with Rdio

There’s a knock at your door, you open it, TRICK OR TREAT! The most fabulous of costumed holidays is almost here and we’d like to celebrate with you. Since sewing and party planning was never in the cards for us, we’d like to help you set the mood during all your Halloween-related activities. Whether you need a soundtrack for your grown-up Halloween party, want to add a soundtrack to your haunted house or are looking to set the mood with the spookiest of instrumental music, we have something great just for you.

Music for your Grown-Up Halloween party

So you want to create a fun and festive mix for your party? Why not try one of these great playlists from other people on Rdio? With nostalgic retro-favorites and more current Halloween-themed songs, just press play for scary perfection.

An Rdio Halloween by Aprilini

A Freakin’ Halloween List by dave r

Spooky Halloween by Sebastian

Scary Halloween Sounds

Cobwebs, coffins, vampires and blood-curdling screams—it’s a homemade Haunted House! Scare yourself and others with these creepy Halloween noises.

57 Haunted House Horrors

Spooky Instrumentals

The oldest and perhaps best way to create the perfect Halloween mood lays in the shrill organ and suspenseful crescendo of a weird melody. If you can’t seem to harness the Halloween spirit, one listen to any of these spooky instrumentals will surely awake your inner goblin.