Some thoughts on Ping & Rdio

Along with the rest of Twitter, we were watching Apple’s keynote earlier today, and are pleased to see that Apple continues to innovate.

Coolest was Apple now agreeing with us that music is better with people and launching their very own “social network for music,” Ping. (Hey, you’re clearly on to something big when Steve Jobs “follows” you.)

A couple of important distinctions worth noting between Rdio and Ping though:

1) Unlike Ping, on Rdio you don’t have to buy individual songs or albums to hear them. For $4.99/month, which is half the price of an album on iTunes, you can play, save and share all 7 million songs in our catalog, in their entirety, as many times as you want, completely ad-free.

2) In addition to iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, Rdio also works on Android & BlackBerry devices, so you can be social with everyone, not just with people who have one kind of phone.

So go on… what are you waiting for? Try Rdio for free today, and tell a friend about it too. If you’ve got any questions about Rdio, we’re listening on Twitter @Rdio.