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So Much New Music Tuesday

Today’s New Music Tuesday additions are an eclectic and plentiful bunch. Inject a burst of new music into your queue, collection and recent listens with this fantastic array of albums, EPs and singles. Don’t just take our word for it—browse the new releases on your own and discover (or re-discover) something awesome.

Brand New Albums:

Loosen up, put on your party shoes and jump into Chromeo’s new album, Business Casual, for a good time that’s more sequins than khaki pants. If you’re a Canadian listener, enjoy the Business Casual (Deluxe Edition) with 4 bonus remixes.

The straightforward and Smiths-esque rock of James is prominently on display in this album, which combines their two previous mini-albums, The Morning After The Night Before.

Black Mountain’s Wilderness Heart is an album you’re going to love. Don’t think about it too hard because you aren’t going to know why. Perhaps it’s the psychedelic loops and sparkle, or maybe it’s just the vocal warbling. Either way, enjoy the whole package from beginning to end.

Although the 4 member group of Nortec Collective no longer performs together, they’re still releasing music such as the Latin Grammy nominated Tijuana Sound Machine. This time around, Nortec Colelctive Presents: Bostick + Fussible’s Bulevar 2000. If you want to be surprised by a grooving tuba line, this album is definitely for you.

Of Montreal is already on their tenth studio release, this time with the support of tour-mate Janelle Monáe and Solange Knowles. Will False Priest make it a perfect 10?

Guitar soloist Charlie Hunter tackles 11 tracks so old that they have no intellectual rights attached. Don’t believe your ears—you’re listening to only one man play on Public Domain.

It may surprise you that Sex with an X is only the 2nd actual album of a band that was created in 1987. Don’t let that fool you, The Vaselines have sustained a cult-like status thanks to the attention brought about by Nirvana’s 3 covers.

The San Francisco Symphony, under the guidance of conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, join singers Susan Graham and Thomas Hampson to embrace Mahler: Songs with Orchestra.

EPs: Short, sweet and to the point

Someone must have given the twin sisters of School of Seven Bells a cup of coffee. The new synthy and energetic sound of the Heart Is Strange EP gives a new lease on their harmonious and soothing creations.

In For the Kill, from La Roux’s self-titled album, gets 4 remixes from 4 producers.

Singles: enjoy bits of coming-soon albums

Ne-Yo hand-claps and falsetto croons his way into your heart, ears and pants with his single, One in a Million.

There’s only a month until Kings of Leon releases their next album, Come Around Sundown. In the meantime, you’ll have to be satisfied with the solid single, Radioactive.

Rihanna doesn’t rely on catchy club hooks for Only Girl (In the World) from her upcoming album, [Loud]( She sings straight from the gut.

Honorable mentions and classic catalog gems: