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Rdio for Android (beta) is here

“Hey, when’s your Android app gonna be ready?” is one of the questions we hear the most. And now we have a better answer than “soon” — in fact, we can say “today” because Rdio for Android (Beta) is now available in the Android Market.

Why beta?

It’s important to note that the app is in beta. Major functionality is available, and we’ve tested it on a variety of devices and versions of Android, but there’s still more to do — we wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible. We’ll keep working on it so expect frequent updates, and don’t install it if you can’t live with the occasional quirk or even crash.

What does it do?

Rdio for Android (beta) lets you browse and listen to your collection and playlists. You can also search for (and play) any song on Rdio. Even better, you can sync music (songs, albums and playlists) and listen when you’re offline. So if your commute is an Internet-less subterranean subway ride, or you’re on a mile-high cross-country flight, Rdio will happily play the music you’ve synced.

How do I get it?

From your Android device, visit or follow this link — it requires Android 1.6 or newer, though we’re working on 1.5 support.

You still need an invite to register for Rdio, but our mobile apps (including iPhone and BlackBerry) are available during Rdio’s free trial, and for all Rdio Unlimited subscribers.

If you’re already done with your free 3-day trial, you can verify your account to extend the free trial — or you can subscribe to Rdio Unlimited for $9.99/month. All subscriptions are month-to-month and you can cancel anytime, if you find it’s not for you. If you have an Rdio Web subscription, you can easily upgrade.


We’d love to hear how Rdio for Android (beta) is working for you, especially if you’re encountering bugs and issues you can consistently reproduce. Please post your feedback in our Android forum:

∞  July 12, 2010 — 12:00AM