It’s Tuesday — embrace the

It’s Tuesday — embrace the week ahead with this selection of bright new tunes. This music is ready to find a home in your Heavy Rotation or if it’s lucky, your Collection.

From the reggae + dancehall dedicated braintrust of DJ/producers Diplo and Switch, Lazers Never Die is Major Lazer’s newest EP featuring M.I.A., a Thom Yorke remix, Mr. Vegas and Buraka Som Sistema.

Rick Ross wants you to listen to his new album, Teflon Don. You wouldn’t want to make Rick Ross upset, would you?

Want to make your summer less like that boring 9-5 job and more like the Jersey Shore? Here’s the perfect collection of tunes straight from the scandalous t.v. show. It’s exactly what you’d expect, featuring music from Taio Cruz, Lil Jon and the show’s own DJ Pauly D.

Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox creates music as Panda Bear. His second album is almost ready and if these two songs are any indication, it can’t come out soon enough.

Tiësto breaks out Feel It In My Bones, a song from his latest album featuring indie pop sisters Tegan and Sara. If you liked it the first time, chances are you’ll love these remixes and alternate versions.

Child violin virtuoso grows up and does an album of classical music inspired rock songs from bands like Nirvana, Aerosmith and Metallica.

Honorable Mentions:

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∞  July 20, 2010 — 12:00AM