Update to Rdio iPhone app still waiting for Apple's approval

As mentioned a couple of days on Twitter, we’re still waiting for Apple’s approval of the latest version of our iPhone app. We already have an approved app in the store, so it’s a bit mysterious why a simple update to fix some bugs is taking so long.

The update has been in review since May 26, and we’ve spoken to representatives from the App Store review team a couple of times on email and phone, where they asked us a bunch of questions about Rdio, but very little about the app. They promised to get back to us by Tuesday June 1, but we’ve yet to hear anything.

We’ve heard no complaints about the app crashing, using private APIs or not functioning as advertised - which were the three reasons Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently listed as the reasons an app would not get approved.

We are sorry that our paying customers are having to wait 15 days (and counting) for Apple’s team to get around to approving our app - or at the very least telling us what we need to change, if anything.

∞  June 11, 2010 — 12:00AM