It's alive!

It’s difficult to predict what people will think about your product, but it’s always nice to finally launch something you’ve spent a long time building. It’s even nicer when so many people are saying so many nice things about it.

Great feedback

We opened up for invites last Thursday, and feedback, reactions and questions (and invite requests) have been pouring in since. In a completely self-serving fashion, here are some of our favorites:

“Oh snaps. 5 minutes of @rdio and I am already in love. Thanks @macthe :D”

“Roses are red. Violets are blue. dearest @rdio I <3 you.”
“After 48 hours, I can say with confidence: @rdio is the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve got a couple invites, who wants one? DM me.”

Trial and success

We’re equally blown away by how many invites you have sent in such short time, and in turn how many people are activating their accounts – we know you have a lot else to do, so we appreciate you taking Rdio for a spin.

When you do, remember that you also have access to our mobile apps during the free trial. And if you don’t think three days is quite enough, you can extend the trial by 10 days when your first three have passed. If your trial runs out and you decide to not subscribe and come back later, your account will still be there, with collection, playlists and followees intact.

And now to something completely different

It’s not all roses, hi-fives and dancing in the streets, of course. You’ve also been sharing a number of concerns and complaints. The top things you’d like to know about or would like to see improved are:

1. Android app, where art thou?

It’s literally in the works, and we have internal alpha versions running, but it’s not ready to share with you yet. And for fear of Murphy’s Law, we won’t try and predict a date for it, but rest assured it’s our current top development priority. Add yourself to the list to be notified when it’s available.

2. Where’s this song or that album, and why’s this thing clip only?

Building up a good catalog of music is the single most important thing we’re doing. Snazzy design and amazing technology gets us nowhere if the stuff you want to listen to is not there. We already have the catalog of the major labels and several great indie labels and aggregators, and we’re working on getting more onboard every day. We will announce new partners as they become available. If you are a distributor, aggregator or label and would like to have your catalog available on Rdio, please contact us.

In addition, rights for music is alas not a straightforward endeavor, so at times we end up only having clips available. We listen to music all day ourselves, and we don’t love that either, and we’re actively trying to secure the rights to play the full songs.

3. Where are you available? US only? When are you going to expand to other countries?

The invite-only preview is only available in the US. If you are a US-based user and you have invites, you can invite people who are based in other countries, but they can’t activate their account. When they accept the invite, we record what country they are in and will notify them when Rdio is available there. If they are moving around, they can accept the invite multiple times and we’ll update their location.

We can’t discuss when and where we’ll be available outside the US, but it’s certainly our aspiration to be a world-wide service.

4. Rdio Desktop is an AIR app and not everybody thinks that is awesome.

Adobe AIR is very well suited for quickly producing lightweight applications, but it does come at the cost of having to install additional software and sometimes an experience that doesn’t fit exactly with the OS you’re running. We’re weighing the options for other ways of building apps — achieving a great experience is our main goal.

Keep it coming

We want and need to hear your feedback – what’s missing, what’s not working and what you are confused about. Please let us know on Twitter on @Rdio, or, if you have an account, click the link to our support site in the footer.

∞  June 8, 2010 — 12:00AM