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Little Boots Shares Exclusive Remix for “Broken Record”

Little Boots

A broken record never evolves — it just keeps playing a sound over and over again. But UK electropop darling Little Boots’ anthem “Broken Record,” taken from the new album Nocturnes, has a fresh lease on the dancefloor with the Chupacabras & JDH Remix.

The “Broken Record” remix track is exclusively available on Rdio, so there’s no need to get stuck on repeat. Listen to Nocturnes with the bonus remix track below and follow Little Boots on Rdio!

∞  08/05/2013 — 5:00AM


Dragonette and Sunshine Jones Join Forces for “Run Run Run” Remix


Canadian electropop band Dragonette teamed up with singer-songwriter Sunshine Jones (best known for her work in Dubtribe Sound System) for the remix of “Run Run Run,” a single taken from the recent album Bodyparts.

The song officially comes out next week but there’s no need to wait because Rdio listeners can enjoy it right now.

∞  08/05/2013 — 1:00AM


Justice’s Access All Arenas Is Revealed Early


Are you ready to D.A.N.C.E.? French electronic music duo Justice is back! Since their debut in 2007, members Gaspar Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have released both studio and live albums. Their latest, Access All Arenas, returns to the concert stage and captures a performance recorded during the last world tour at Les Arènes de Nimes in France.

The new album hasn’t officially been released yet, but we’ve got it for you to enjoy right now.

∞  02/05/2013 — 8:00AM


Listen to Passenger’s Exclusive Rdio Sessions


When folk singer-songwriter Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) came to our office back in September to perform live in his very own exclusive Rdio Sessions, he was so witty and charming that he left a trail of hearts in his wake — a trait likely honed while busking far away from home after the transition of Passenger from a group to a solo act.

Fortunately, we captured the dreaminess for your musical pleasure. Check out Passenger’s Rdio Sessions, a five-song set that includes the hit “Let Her Go.”

∞  11/03/2013 — 2:00AM


Sneak Preview: Party in Brandt Brauer Frick’s Miami


Berlin’s self-described “techno without the technology” trio Brandt Brauer Frick daydreams about sunnier climes, and has even named an album Miami out of a fit of wanderlust. The album, boosted by the brilliant single “Broken Pieces” featuring Jamie Lidell, doesn’t officially come out until next week, but your exclusive listen begins now.

Take an early spring break and listen to Brandt Brauer Frick’s Miami right here.

∞  07/03/2013 — 1:00AM


Catch Earlimart in the Latest Rdio Live Set


Back in September, Rdio listeners won tickets to an intimate live show by Earlimart in their hometown of Los Angeles. Performing exclusively for our Rdio Live Series, the SoCal duo brought the rock in the form of their four-song set. The EP features tunes from the recent album System Preferences and the loved track “Heaven Adores You" from their 2004 LP.

While the L.A. indie rockers just returned from their U.K. tour but you can experience Earlimart live with our exclusive recording below.

∞  05/03/2013 — 1:00AM


Sneak Preview Ellen Allien’s New Album LISm

Ellen Allien

Berlin-based DJ and producer Ellen Allien is one of the most prominent women in techno and experimental electronic music. She has built her own career while nurturing those of other artists such as Apparat, Modeselektor, and Seth Troxler, who have all worked with her own 14-year-old label BPitch Control. Allien has been kind enough to provide an early listen to new album LISm before its official release date.

∞  22/02/2013 — 1:00AM


Australian Rapper 360 Drops Album One Month Early on Rdio


Melbourne rapper 360’s second album Falling & Flying has enjoyed top five chart success and platinum sales in Australia for its world-wise blend of beats and rhymes. Born Matthew Colwell, 360’s honesty also helped him earn an ARIA, Australia’s biggest music award, in the category of Breakthrough Artist.

Now he’s breaking through all over the world. Falling & Flying isn’t officially out on these shores until mid March, but we’ve got an exclusive one-month preview of the album for your ears only.

Follow 360 on Rdio to see where he’s headed next, musically.

∞  14/02/2013 — 5:00AM


Hear Boats’ A Fairway Full of Miners One Week Early on Rdio


The always-impressive Pacific Northwest record label Kill Rock Stars is getting ready to drop the new Boats album A Fairway Full of Miners. It’s the third and latest effort from the Winnipeg, Canada-based indie rock group fronted by distinctively high-pitched singer Mat Klachefsky. Although the new release is remarkably more mature than past albums, members of Boats don’t take themselves too seriously, even describing their own sound as “a string of unrelated concepts disguised as coherent thought.”

A Fairway Full of Miners will be out on February 5, but why wait until then when you can hear it a week early? Hit play below to hear this exclusive preview.

∞  29/01/2013 — 5:00AM


Ra Ra Riot Shares Exclusive Commentary on Beta Love With Rdio

Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot’s new album Beta Love may be a bit of a shock to fans used to the band’s indie rock and baroque pop hybrid. This third album from the New York-based quintet reveals a genuine fondness for more electronically-driven synth pop. Now, you can listen below to hear Beta Love with exclusive commentary from Ra Ra Riot to learn more about this stylistic shift.

If you fell head over heels for Beta Love, then this will be sure to put a smile on your face — bassist Mathieu Santos recently created a playlist of songs that have been bringing him happiness lately.

Follow Ra Ra Riot on Rdio for more from Santos and the rest of the band.

∞  29/01/2013 — 2:00AM