March 2013

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Come Alive at Night With Little Boots’ Nocturnal Playlist

Little Boots

In honor of her forthcoming album Nocturnes, UK electropop ingenue Little Boots is sharing a nocturnal playlist with Rdio listeners that she'll update weekly. This mix features a wide range of artists all talking about the wee hours, from George Benson’s classic soul cut “Give Me The Night” and Grace Jones’ fierce “Nightclubbing” to Hot Chip’s distinctive “Made in the Dark” and Jessie Ware’s memorable “Night Light.”

As Little Boots continues to add more tunes to the playlist every Friday until the album is released on May 5, she’s hoping for your participation.

“Any suggestions are welcome,” she says. “The only rule is they have to be inspired by or evocative of the night! To make a suggestion you can tweet me @littleboots with your song and the hashtag #nocturnes.”

Follow Little Boots on Rdio to catch hear her go bump in the night.

∞  22/03/2013 — 3:00AM


The Cribs’ Gary Jarman Reveals Band’s Inspirations

Gary Jarman from The Cribs is helping Rdio listeners celebrate the release of the impressive new retrospective Payola, which features previously unavailable gems like the irresistible “Leather Jacket Love Song.” Jarman, the band’s singer and multi-instrumentalist, has kindly crafted this exclusive playlist of songs that have inspired the band since beginning in 2002. From Aztec Camera and Queen to the Ramones and Nirvana, it’s a fairly smart balance of artists from the United Kingdom and the United States spanning several decades and styles.

∞  12/03/2013 — 2:00AM

New FeaturesNews

New Design Features in the Latest iOS Update

Rdio for iOS

Last month we rolled out a refreshed design to our iOS app and promised more enhancements were coming soon. Today we’re sharing with you the newest update to Rdio for iOS with the following features:

  • Social Listening — Just like in the web and desktop apps, now you’ll be able to see at a glance which friends have listened to which albums.
  • Full Screen — We’ve made music more visually dynamic by featuring the album art front and center across your entire screen.

Download Rdio for iOS and try out the new features for yourself. Be sure to follow @RdioUK on Twitter and Like Rdio on Facebook to find out what’s next for our apps.

∞  11/03/2013 — 1:30PM


Listen to Passenger’s Exclusive Rdio Sessions


When folk singer-songwriter Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) came to our office back in September to perform live in his very own exclusive Rdio Sessions, he was so witty and charming that he left a trail of hearts in his wake — a trait likely honed while busking far away from home after the transition of Passenger from a group to a solo act.

Fortunately, we captured the dreaminess for your musical pleasure. Check out Passenger’s Rdio Sessions, a five-song set that includes the hit “Let Her Go.”

∞  11/03/2013 — 2:00AM


Sneak Preview: Party in Brandt Brauer Frick’s Miami


Berlin’s self-described “techno without the technology” trio Brandt Brauer Frick daydreams about sunnier climes, and has even named an album Miami out of a fit of wanderlust. The album, boosted by the brilliant single “Broken Pieces” featuring Jamie Lidell, doesn’t officially come out until next week, but your exclusive listen begins now.

Take an early spring break and listen to Brandt Brauer Frick’s Miami right here.

∞  07/03/2013 — 1:00AM


Catch Earlimart in the Latest Rdio Live Set


Back in September, Rdio listeners won tickets to an intimate live show by Earlimart in their hometown of Los Angeles. Performing exclusively for our Rdio Live Series, the SoCal duo brought the rock in the form of their four-song set. The EP features tunes from the recent album System Preferences and the loved track “Heaven Adores You" from their 2004 LP.

While the L.A. indie rockers just returned from their U.K. tour but you can experience Earlimart live with our exclusive recording below.

∞  05/03/2013 — 1:00AM