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iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.6

Today we've updated the Rdio iOS SDK to version 1.3.6. The update includes the following changes

  • Fix status bar using parent VC's preferred status bar settings. (issue #99)
  • Handle unstreamable tracks correctly when pre-buffering. (issue #112)
  • Calling previous while playing the first track now causes playback to stop. (Previously it was a NOP)
  • Fix CPU spike issue. (issue #113)

The latest release is available at

Check out the iOS SDK documentation for more info, and drop us a line on our Google Group if you have any questions.

Happy hacking!

Android SDKReleases

Android SDK v2.0.0

Rdio Android SDK v2.0.0 has been released. It contains the following improvements:

  • Login flow that doesn’t depend on the official app
  • Developers must now explicitly initialize playback
  • When on WiFi, use high-quality streams
  • Rdio#cleanup() now works (#54)
  • Unicode handling for API requests

Upgrade Notes

Improved login flow

Since the Android SDK no longer requires the official Rdio app to function, you’ll need to authorize users with the included OAuth1WebViewActivity. The activity results will include an access token and secret or an error code and description. This access token and secret should then be passed to Rdio#setTokenAndSecret()

Previously the SDK required the user to also have the Rdio for Android installed to authorize your application.

Faster initialization

We’ve made playback initialization an explicit step instead of automatically making an API request at launch to retrieve a playback token. Previously you needed to wait for RdioListener#onRdioReady() before using the SDK. This callback has been removed, you can now start using the SDK right away.

When you know you’ll want the user to listen to music, you’ll need to call Rdio#prepareForPlayback() and then wait for RdioListener#onRdioReadyForPlayback(). Note that if you prepare for playback before setting the access token and secret, you’ll only be able to playback 30-second samples. Once you’ve set the access token, you can call Rdio#prepareForPlayback() again to receive a new playback token.

The reason for this change is that some developers do not use the playback feature and the API request was a waste of resources. It also reduces the time to initialize the SDK.

High Quality Streams

Before this release, the SDK only used low-quality streams. If your application has the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission, the SDK will detect if the user is connected to the Internet via WiFi and use high quality streams. Note that the SDK does not require this permission, it will detect if your application has it and then take advantage of it. If your application doesn’t have the permission, the SDK will default to low quality streams.

Download the latest release, checkout the getting started guide, and let us know what you think.

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.5

Version 1.3.5 of the Rdio iOS SDK has been released and includes one improvement:

Download the latest release from the Rdio Developer site.

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.4

Version 1.3.4 of the Rdio iOS SDK has been released and includes one improvement:

Download the latest release from the Rdio Developer site.


Developer Site v2

Today we've launched the new Rdio developer site! The goals of the new developer site are:

  • Make it easier to get started with the Rdio API
  • Up-to-date documentation that's easy to read
  • Showcase interesting applications
  • A design that matches the rest of Rdio

With this change, we've moved the developer site to For now the existing developer site,, will remain where it is with notices directing you to the new site. In the coming weeks we will retire the existing content and start redirecting to the new site.


Maintaining the documentation on the old site was just enough of a challenge that we didn't get around to it as much as we'd like. The new system is much better integrated with our workflow, and a pleasure to use. Easier updates for us means better documentation for you!

API Gallery

The previous API Gallery was sorely outdated. With the new developer site, we've refreshed it with a new list of applications. We'll be working to keep the gallery updated so you can discover fun and interesting applications.


You'll still need to visit Mashery to create and manage your applications; we've only migrated the documentation and API Gallery.

Still to come

With our improved developer site, we have the flexibility to improve it more rapidly. We've got a bunch of ideas, but we'd love to hear yours! Send us an email with your feedback and suggestions.

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.3

We're happy to announce an update to the iOS SDK!

Here are the changes:

  • Fix -updateQueue:withCurrentTrackIndex: race condition. All queue manipulation methods are now serialized properly so that the required network requests don't create undesirable states.
  • Fix documentation on -play
  • Better sanity checking in various places
  • Handle iOS 7's status bar changes by pushing the Auth View down by the status bar's height if the SDK is running on iOS 7. A bit more information is available in the documentation.

The latest release is available at

With this release, we've also improved the iOS SDK documentation. The documentation now mentions the version number and release date of the most recent release. Visit the iOS SDK documentation and check it out.

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.2

Rdio iOS SDK v1.3.2 has been released. It contains the following improvements:

  • Fix iPad login view glitch

Please download the latest version and email us if you run into any issues.

∞  June 21, 2013 — 8:08PM

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.1

Rdio iOS SDK v1.3.1 has been released. It contains the following improvements:

  • Bug that prevented the playSource family of methods from working with albums and playlists

Please download the latest version and email us if you run into any issues.

∞  June 19, 2013 — 8:07PM

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.3.0

Rdio iOS SDK v1.3.0 has been released. It contains the following improvements:

  • New authorization view that supports Facebook authentication

All of the changes are behind the scenes; there are no changes to the API in this release.

Please download the latest version and email us if you run into any issues.

∞  June 11, 2013 — 8:05PM


Mac App v2.19: AppleScript Improvements

The v2.19 release of the Rdio Mac application contains several AppleScript improvements:

  • Get the key for the currently playing track, previously you could only get the URL
    Tell application "Rdio" to get the key of the current track
  • Add or remove the currently playing track from your collection
    Tell application "Rdio" to add to collection
    Tell application "Rdio" to remove from collection
  • Sync the currently playing track to mobile
    Tell application "Rdio" to sync to mobile Tell application "Rdio" to remove from mobile

∞  May 10, 2013 — 12:08PM