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Music Hack Day Amsterdam

What: Music Hack Day Amsterdam
When: October 10 – 12, 2014
Where: Rockstart Accelerator HQ182 Herengracht, Amsterdam, NH 1016 BR

Event location map


Recap: Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

Music Hack Day Berlin just wrapped up last Saturday and it was spectacular. One of the first Music Hack Days was held in Berlin back in 2009. Given the turnout, hopefully, we wont have to wait wait as long for the next one.

MHD Starts

The event was hosted at the Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator, an appropriately sized venue with walls covered in what can best be called "interesting" graffiti/art. Turnout was impressive with around 200 folks, 80 of which came from outside Germany.

Hacking started Friday morning, went all through the night, and ended mid-day Saturday. Despite the beautiful weather outside, the hackers were persistent! There were a number of great Rdio hacks making the selection of just one winning project quite difficult.

MHD at 3:30am

  • Commit Beat - Site
    Looking at recent commits, GitHub user names are compared to usernames, allowing you to listen to the tracks fellow developers were listening to at time of commit. Just click on a row to kick off playback via Rdio.
    Winner, best use of Rdio API
    Winner (tie), audience favorite

  • Augmented Shuffle - Site
    A site that crafts an interesting playlist for you and shows the logic behind track selection. Augmented Shuffle Team

  • theRdioNest - Site
    Lets you look up artists and relevant info about them- bios, listen to top top tracks, and see related artists.

  • VR Rdio - Site, Source
    Displays the top New Releases from Rdio in 3D space using Google Cardboard. Lets you jump right into an album and start listening.

  • Retuned
    Highlights the best parts of your listening history and allows you to listen via Rdio.

  • Penultimate Radio
    A custom recommendation system that builds an evolving station for you to listen to. Penultimate Radio Team

    Overall the selection of projects had a good blend of software and hardware. Along with all the APIs available folks brought their own instruments, a Seaboard was made available to hackers, a game made, and a number of digital instruments were created. With great projects, great food, and a great staff it was a model Music Hack Day.

    Creative Hackers

    A list of all of the hacks is up at Hacker League.


Recap: Outside Hacks II


The second annual Outside Hacks was hosted this year by Weebly and featured over a hundred developers. Everyone at Outside Hacks set out to improve the festival experience for fans and artists. Looking at the list of projects, I think it was a success!

Even before the hack day started Paul Lamere put together a JSON file of the Outside Lands lineup. This gave developers a jump-start on development by mapping artist names to the IDs of the sponsoring APIs.

RideShare won the overall prize at Outside Hacks with their application that helped fans leaving Outside Lands efficiently share their cars on the trip back home.

We awarded AfterLands the prize for best use of the Rdio API. AfterLands helps you keep the party going by showing you a map of the hottest after-parties. On your way to the party, you can view what music's playing and suggest the music at the parties.

For pictures from the event check out the official recap, Gracenote's recap, and Gracenote's photos.

Checkout the full list of projects on Hacker League.


Recap: Hack Midwest 2014

Organized by Kansas City IT Professionals, Hack Midwest brought together students and local professionals to create connections and improve the local developer community.

Hack Midwest 1

If the camaraderie wasn't enough reward, there were also plenty of prizes for developers to win, including a collection of Lego sets.

Hack Midwest 4

Here are the projects that used the Rdio API:

  • Racio — Site
    Compete against your friends and prove your music knowledge. Questions included: name the song, name the artist, and guess the release year. This project used the Rovi API for music metadata. Winner, best use of Rdio API.

  • R2DJ
    Crowdsourced playlist with the ability to vote on tracks with your Pebble watch.

  • Team Chausage
    Let the party be the DJ with this collaborative jukebox. The team planned to use the Simplify API to let you attach money to your votes, giving them more weight, but ran out of time.

Hack Midwest 2

∞  July 24, 2014 — 1:25PM


Outside Hacks 2014

What: Outside Hacks 2014
When: July 26th – 27th, 2014
Where: Weebly HQ564 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Outside Hacks returns again this year ahead of Outside Lands. Outside Hacks challenges developers to improve the festival experience for artists and fans. The winners will receive an ultimate Outside Lands experience and have their application promoted at Outside Lands.

Event location map

∞  July 15, 2014 — 12:51PM


Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

What: Music Hack Day Berlin 2014
When: September 5 – 6, 2014
Where: Axel Springer Plug & Play AcceleratorMarkgrafenstraße 14, 10969 Berlin, Germany

In two month's time we'll be back in Europe attending Music Hack Day Berlin. The hackathon runs Friday and Saturday, overlapping with the Berlin Festival. Tickets are available now, so sign up!

Event location map

∞  July 14, 2014 — 10:00AM


Hack Midwest

Hack Midwest

What: Hack Midwest
When: July 19th — 20th, 2014
Where: Johnson County Community College12345 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66210

Next month we'll be attending Hack Midwest organized by Kansas City IT Professionals. Started in 2008, Kansas City IT Professionals brings together and promotes the local tech community in Kansas City. Follow @HackMidwest for event updates.

Event location map

∞  June 30, 2014 — 9:00AM


Recap: Music Hack Day Barcelona 2014

The 5th Barcelona Music Hack Day took place last week, part of the Sónar+D music and technology festival. The event was well attened by people from all over the world and well documented- photos were taken by festival representatives as well as a number festival goers who were able to observe the hackers hard at work during festival hours.


And what a sight all the hacks in progress were! A lot of hardware was used to produce a number of sounds, songs, noises, and performances never before expereienced. Legos, Patchblocks, Enobio brain sensors, an Oculus Rift, Xth Sense sensors, Estrella Damm beer cans, monomes, LED wired shoes, and more were worked into the projects.


In the mix of it all, there were still a couple hacks that used the Rdio APIs to great effect.

  • crowdj
    Collaborative playlist creation and democratic tracks ordering for use at parties, playing music from Rdio. Winner, best use of Rdio API

  • webmlr - Site, GitHub
    A web monome to control and play audio samples from the server, your local machine or a track from Rdio. Also handles a real monome device input & output.

It helped that the Music Technology Group was right next door- a number of students attended, bringing a lot of deep technical knowledge of sound and music.


A list of all of the hacks is up at Hacker League.

∞  June 20, 2014 — 11:48AM


Recap: HackUCI

Entrance to HackUCI

HackUCI took place Memorial Day weekend and featured over four hundred students from UC Irvine and other local universities. Orange County's tech hub, PeopleSpace, was the perfect environment for the hack day. They provide a place for learning to program, launching your startup, and finding other developers to connect with.

To kick off the weekend Stuart McClure, author and founder of Cylance, gave an inspiring talk about his journey as a developer. He offered advice to young developers to never give up and take failure as a learning experience.

Stuart McClure speaking at HackUCI

The organizers kept the hackers will fed with snacks and food trucks throughout the event. Friday night had bubble tea which proved to be very popular (this was the first time we've seen bubble tea at a hack day). Saturday night had delicious pastries from 85°C Bakery Cafe. Including an interesting hot dog and cheese pastry as well as cheese danishes.

Here are the projects that used the Rdio API:

  • Mood Music
    Transforming every web page to music for your ears. A Firefox extension that analyzes the content of the page and plays music that matches it's mood. Winner, best use of the Rdio API.

  • Fiestafy
    Music by everyone, for everyone. Text or email your suggestion to this collaborative DJ application. This solo hacker built a web app as well as an Android application.

  • Playlist manager for RdioSource
    Easily add tracks to a playlist via email or text message. Great for capturing music on the go.

Check out the full list of projects on ChallengePost.

Team Mood Music at HackUCI

Oculus Rift Skateboard at HackUCI

PeopleSpace Logo

∞  June 02, 2014 — 1:42PM


Recap: Music Hack Day San Francisco 2014

Despite there being a number of other tempting or equally intellectual events this weekend in the Bay Area, the turnout for Music Hack Day SF was spectacular.

Devin points out something about the API : photo by Gracenote

The event kicked off at GitHub HQ at 10AM with sponsors filling a huge table with shirts, stickers, and other swag. After breakfast and plenty of API presentations, developers went straight into hacking. The GitHub office had plenty of non-coding activities (including pool and ping pong) that allowed hackers to take a break and socialize. As the sun set, the bar opened and a bartender started mixing cocktails.

Many hackers took the provided bus to the Spotify office for overnight hacking. By 9:30AM Sunday most developers were back at GitHub HQ putting the finishing touches on their project. Here are the projects that used the Rdio API:

  • PaRdio - GitHub, Site
    PaRdio was an interesting take on the classic party DJ app- this time letting users text in requests and the host control playback via the Pebble watch Winner, best use of Rdio API

  • FestiFind
    A beautifully designed and executed app that collected local festival information and dynamically created sample playlists for the events based on the lineup.

  • GeoMisique - GitHub, Site
    Lets you record where you listen to music using Google Maps and tag it.

  • CheckBoxx - Site
    A tool that lets bars play music to best satisfy the present patrons' tastes.

  • Vocalize
    Lets you look up lyrics based on a phrase and embed a track in the phrase to send to friends.

Team PaRdio presents : photo by Gracenote2

May thanks to Github for hosting the event and providing a number of delicious meals for the hackers. Also, thanks to Ching-Wei of Gracenote for letting us use a couple of the lovely photos taken at the event for our blog post.

A list of all of the hacks is up at Hacker League.

∞  May 21, 2014 — 10:29AM