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Stations Guide

Rdio Stations

Today we're releasing a guide to implementing stations along with ten new station API methods! You can now build the same great station experience into your applications and devices. If you're not already familiar: Rdio Stations provide easy, instant mixes for those who are in the mood to sit back and listen.

You can start stations based on genres, artists, albums, tracks and more. You can also listen to You FM for yourself, your friends, and Rdio influencers.

Give the new Stations API methods a try and let us know what you think.

∞  July 07, 2014 — 2:20PM


Developer Site v2

Today we've launched the new Rdio developer site! The goals of the new developer site are:

  • Make it easier to get started with the Rdio API
  • Up-to-date documentation that's easy to read
  • Showcase interesting applications
  • A design that matches the rest of Rdio

With this change, we've moved the developer site to For now the existing developer site,, will remain where it is with notices directing you to the new site. In the coming weeks we will retire the existing content and start redirecting to the new site.


Maintaining the documentation on the old site was just enough of a challenge that we didn't get around to it as much as we'd like. The new system is much better integrated with our workflow, and a pleasure to use. Easier updates for us means better documentation for you!

API Gallery

The previous API Gallery was sorely outdated. With the new developer site, we've refreshed it with a new list of applications. We'll be working to keep the gallery updated so you can discover fun and interesting applications.


You'll still need to visit Mashery to create and manage your applications; we've only migrated the documentation and API Gallery.

Still to come

With our improved developer site, we have the flexibility to improve it more rapidly. We've got a bunch of ideas, but we'd love to hear yours! Send us an email with your feedback and suggestions.