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Recap: Music Hack Day Boston

November is a lovely month in Boston. Occasionally sunny, and with winds chilling enough to reach for a hot cup of tea, it's perfect for our favorite adventure through the great indoors: Music Hack Day.

This iteration marked Boston's fifth annual event, and the hacks were as thoughtful and inspiring as ever (for example, our favorite musical instrument that came out of the weekend was a playable lattice of yarn), making it a great closing to a solid year of hackathons.

The view of Boston from Microsoft.

Here are the hacks that used Rdio:

  • Enter the Dragon
    Enter the Dragon is similar in concept to one of the winners from last month's Music Hack Day in New York City, but implemented a bit differently. At its core, Enter the Dragon provides entrance music to usher in your arrival, but where Here Comes the Boom used Foursquare check-ins and selected music for you automatically, Enter the Dragon uses your phone's bluetooth pairing to determine presence, and allows you to select your own personal entrance music. The hackers even went a step beyond and open sourced their desktop API wrapper. Winner, best use of Rdio API

  • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Metal
    This well-named hack takes a look at your Rdio collection and uses the Echo Nest's metadata to attempt to predict your political preferences, and then attempts to automatically generate a letter for you to send to your congress-person based on those predicted political preferences.

  • The RdiolizerSite
    It's no secret that we use Echo Nest taste profiles over here at Rdio, but they're not something we expose to developers or talk about a lot. But, since Mark works at the Echo Nest, he used some of their internal data for this hack, which gives you a pretty neat visualization of your Rdio taste profile. It supports sorting by name, hotttnesss, and familiarity, and filtering by genre, decade, and friends.

  • Music Judge
    Music Judge is an Rdio collection triage system designed to help improve your library. It examines your library and plays you your songs, and similar songs with more Echo Nest hotttnesss. Those that you thumbs down get removed from your collection, and new music that you like gets added.

The developers of Enter The Dragon with Rdio API Engineer R. Kevin Nelson.

As always, a full list of the hacks is on Hacker League. See you in 2014!


Music Hack Day Boston 2013

What: Music Hack Day Boston 2013
When: November 9th – 10th, 2013
Where: Microsoft NERD1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

Event location map