Recap: Music Hack Day NYC

Last weekend we finished up our Fall Hackathon Tour in New York City for another round of our favorite hackathon, Music Hack Day. Spotify's NYC office, which hosted the event, was welcoming and friendly to everyone (even to those of us sporting Rdio shirts).

The hacks this time around were pretty impressive. Here's the rundown of the ones built on the Rdio API:

  • Crowdplay - Site
    Crowdplay is a social jukebox web app that could very well be the life of your party. Using Twilio and Rdio, Crowdplay lets people send a text with an artist/song title combo to add music to the party's music queue. Tied for winner, best use of Rdio API.

  • Here Comes the Boom
    "Why is it that when baseball players step up to the plate, they get awesome intro music, but when you get to your office in the morning, you get nothing?" Here Comes the Boom solves that problem by listening for Foursquare check-ins to your office, and plays intro music from Rdio whenever someone new checks in. Tied for winner, best use of Rdio API.

  • TuneTravelr - Site
    Have you ever wanted to listen to music from a particular era and a particular city? Well, TuneTravelr lets you do just that! Give it a city, start year, and end year, and listen to tunes from there and then via Rdio.

  • The Awesome Chart Explorer - Site
    The Awesome Chart Explorer is a new (humbly named) hack from the legendary Paul Lamere. It uses data from the Whitburn Project to populate a timeline of Billboard chart singles, the Echo Nest to let you filter the charts by genre and energy, and Rdio to play back the hits.

  • Songs About... - Site
    This hack scrapes Wikipedia to find articles titled "List of songs about [x]", where x is a tag of your choosing, and presents you a playlist of these songs to listen to in Rdio, or another music service, should you choose to do so (but really, why would you?).

  • halfstep - Source
    Motivate your fitness goals by penalizing your music listening! Halfstep is a Chrome Extension that looks at your Fitbit goals and performance of the previous day, and truncates your music listening if you haven't met your goal, to motivate you to get off the couch. Only met 50% of your goal yesterday? Well, all of the music you listen to on Rdio will skip to the next track half-way through. We were expecting the lazier listeners to stampede the office with complaints about this one, but then we realized they were too busy sitting on the couch.

  • Repetition Face Off
    Pit your favorite artists against each other in an automated RPG-style battle of repetition. This hack analyzes tracks by an artist to find repetitive parts, which it then applies to the RPG fight. As the artists fight, the hack plays snippets of songs from Rdio. The artist with the most repetitive songs wins!

  • Spotify v. Rdio - Site
    Well, it was only a matter of time, really. Put in your username, and watch us engage in a content battle with Spotify. Though Rdio seems to win for every username we've fed it, our understanding is that the match is not rigged.

As usual, a complete list of the hacks is up on Hacker League.