Recap: Music Hack Day Bologna

The Rdio Fall 2013 Hack Day Tour has been going in full force. Last weekend, we were in Bologna for Italy's first Music Hack Day, and just a couple of days ago, we participated in our first college hackathon, HackRU at Rutgers University.

Cleaning up after the hacking in Bologna

We'll have a post with the summary from Rutgers shortly, but in the meantime, here were the Rdio hacks from Bologna:

  • songs-nado
    Songs-nado is a Google Now inspired hack that uses your current location, local weather, and a few other parameters to automatically curate music suited towards your circumstances. Winner, best use of the Rdio API

  • Tune Runner
    TuneRunner is an iPhone app that tracks your running pace and serves you up tunes based on your current cadence. It also tracks when you're speeding up or slowing down, and if you get too far off-beat, it'll pick a new track for you. Runner up, best use of Rdio API

  • Rdio on TechnoGym
    There wasn't much coding for this hack, but we did a little experiment with some help from TechnoGym, and we were able to get the Rdio app installed on one of their stationary bikes.

There were a couple of other apps at the hackathon that were planning to integrate Rdio, like MusiXmap, but didn't quite get there for the final presentations. Still, we commend their efforts!

The full list of hacks are up on Hacker League.