Recap: Hella Hack Oakland

Oakland's first music hackathon was held this past weekend. There was a great turnout from all over the bay as hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, and idea people descended on Pandora's headquarters in downtown Oakland. Thanks to everyone who attended and congratulations to the winners! Here are the hacks that used Rdio's API:

  • My Hood / Musicmap
    Discover music that people are listening to in your hood. As an artist, discover which hoods listen to your music. Winner, best use of the Rdio API.

  • Hogwild music!
    By analyzing real listening behavior from Rdio, this project gives you recommendations without knowing anything about the music. Second place, best use of the Rdio API.

  • Longplay
    Choose your favorite albums and this project will let you explore similar music by those artists and related artists. Third place, best use of the Rdio API.

    Create a playlist on Rdio then invite your friends via text message. Your friends will then be able to add any song by sending a text message.

  • Battle of the BaySite
    Who has better taste in music: Oakland or San Francisco? Select a mood or genre and find which side of the bay has more music tweets. Lets you play the music through Rdio.

  • Hella MusicSiteSource
    Use a map to find music from artists in Oakland and all over the world. By Rdio's own Brian Ferrell.

  • Play AllSiteSource
    Azer (also from Rdio) created a CommonJS wrapper for the Rdio JS API as well as additional wrappers for YouTube, Soundcloud, and plain MP3 files. He then created a site which can play a playlist of songs using any combination of URLs from different services.

Checkout the full list of projects on Hackathon IO.