Recap: HackRU

This past weekend, we had the joy of attending our first collegiate hackathon in a couple of years. Not only that, but this iteration of HackRU was their biggest event to date, bringing over 250 hackers together to build more than 70 hacks! It was also the fifth and final hackathon of the Major League Hacking season.

Without further ado, here are the hacks that used Rdio:

  • SongFinder - Site
    SongFinder is the perfect tool for when you have lyrics stuck in your head but can't remember what song they're from. Sing into your computer's mic, and it'll find the song for you on Rdio. Winner, best use of Rdio API

  • Visual Beats
    Visual Beats is a neat hack that uses CV to determine how fast people in a room are moving, then uses the Echonest to find songs to play on Rdio that match the tempo of the room's movement.

  • Food for Thought - Site
    Food for Thought is a barcode scanning app that gives you an image of the food you've scanned and plays an Rdio track related to that food. You can then email the image and music to a friend using SendGrid.

  • Gravatar: The Last Twerkbender - Site
    Either an unabashed parody, a well-timed homage to the art of twerking, or a hack designed to make us all sigh at the state of pop culture (we're honestly not sure which), this hack applies users' Gravatars to twerking animated gifs, with music from Rdio playing in the background. The site also uses shake.js to detect movement from your phone so that you can make your avatar twerk faster.

  • SwiftTracker - Site
    This is the app that all of the hackers wanted to have before the hackathon began. Named after Rutgers alumnus and mentor Swift, this hack lets hackers ping mentors for help, and plays music from Rdio in the background while they wait.

As always, the full list of hacks is up on Hacker League.