Recap: Music Hack Day Denver 2013

For the first time ever, Music Hack Day came to Denver. The event showcased the underappreciated developer community living in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. The presentations featured several live performances with instruments built during the event. Here are the projects that used the Rdio API:

  • Sonic SkylineSource
    Select a city and listen to the hottest tracks from the biggest artists. The city's genre is computed from the list of genres of those tracks. Winner, best use of the Rdio API.

  • ConcertVibeWebsite
    Browse an interactive tour map for your favorite band. Select any of the concerts and see what people are saying about it on Twitter or listen to the setlist

  • New Release RouletteScreenshot
    Rebecca Easily select random tracks from new releases on Rdio. Fine tune the selected tracks by using data from The Echo Nest such as mood, energy, and danceability. The selected tracks are then added to your Rdio queue.

  • Dream PlayerScreenshot
    Do Android's dream? This Rdio screensaver for Android displays the artwork for the currently playing tack. The artwork pulses to the music.

  • Rdio Comment AnalysisSource
    Can't decide what if you should listen to an album? Don't want to read all of the comments? This application uses the AlchemyAPI to analyze the sentiment of comments of albums on Rdio. Gives you the overall sentiment and the sentiment of specific tracks.

  • State of the GameWebsite
    Tetris where each level gets a song with a faster tempo. Uses The Echo Nest's dynamic playlists.

Checkout the full list of projects on HackerLeague, photos from the event, a time-lapse video.

∞  July 26, 2013 — 8:00AM