Recap: Music Hack Day Barcelona 2013

For the past two decades, Barcelona has been a home to one of the world's most premier electronic music and digital media festivals. This weekend, Sónar celebrated it's 20th anniversary in Barcelona, featuring performances by artists like Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, and Skrillex. Sónar also dedicates a substantial focus to mutlimedia and new tools for creation, so while the festival was celebrating it's 20th birthday, an enclave of about 100 developers, designers, and musicians were hacking away on projects at Sónar's third annual Music Hack Day.

This year, Music Hack Day Barcelona organizers from the Music Technology Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra put some extra spice into the mix by organizing a special call for Neuroscience and Music hacks, offering hackers access to a handful of their labs' neuro sensors for the event. The result was a lot of hacks using fun sensors, like a synthesizer controlled by your muscle movement and a brainwave-controlled 2D platformer game that generates music as you play. Despite all of the sensory hacks, there were still a couple of great hacks that used Rdio:

  • The Deep Funk Room
    Explore the deep funk and raw funk genres with recommendations from the Echo Nest and Stereomood, and tracks streamed from Rdio and Soundcloud. Winner, best use of the Rdio API

  • Festivalizr
    Get ready for your next big festival by selecting bands from the lineup that you're excited to see. Festivalizr takes the bands and automatically generates a playlist for you to listen to get into the festival groove.

You can check out the full list of hacks on Hacker League.

∞  June 21, 2013 — 8:00AM