April 2013

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Recap: Music Hack Day Paris 2013

Developers from all over Europe made the trip to Music Hack Day Paris hosted at Deezer's HQ. Many of the developers who traveled didn't book hotels and slept at the event (if they slept at all). Here are the project's that used Rdio:

Checkout the full list of projects on HackerLeague, Deezer's photos, and SendGrid's photos.

iOS SDKReleases

iOS SDK v1.2.0

Rdio iOS SDK v1.2.0 has been released. It contains the following improvements:

  • The Rdio object supports a new method, -authorizeUsingAccessToken:, which does not automatically pop up the login view on failure (#30).
  • The Rdio method -authorizeUsingAccessToken:fromController: is now deprecated and will be removed in version 2.0. Please update your code to use -authorizeUsingAccessToken: instead.
  • Fix a race condition that was causing multiple sequential calls of -queueSource:, -queueSources: to result in non-deterministic source ordering
  • Calling queueSource(s) before calling playSource(s) no longer starts playback.
  • Bubble up errors related to unplayable tracks.
  • New RDPlayer methods: -skipToIndex:, -resetQueue
  • New RDPlayerDelegate method: -rdioPlayerCouldNotStreamTrack:
  • Tidy up NSLog messages
  • Update documentation to indicate that all Web Service calls take NSString parameters
  • Update internal OAuth library for better stability

Please download the latest version and email us if you run into any issues.

ReleasesWeb Service API

Improved OAuth pages

We've improved the OAuth approval pages in three ways:

  • Facebook sign-in
  • Mobile friendly
  • Better design

Here's what the new pages look like:



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Music Hack Day Philly 2013

What: Music Hack Day Philly 2013
When: May 18 – 19, 2013
Where: The ExCITe CenterSuite 100, 3401 Market St, Philadelphia, PA

Event location map


Recap: Comedy Hack Day San Francisco 2013

Comedy Hack Day came to San Francisco for the first time this past weekend. Hosted at Twitter HQ, the demos were funnier than an open-mic night. Here are the projects that used the Rdio API:

  • Up in a GIFWebsite
    A created alarm clock that takes a picture every time you hit the snooze button. Once you finally wake up, it stitches the photos together into a GIF and sends a tweet. Winner, best use of the Rdio API.

  • Reality CheckSource
    The application for the tripping professional.

  • Comedy ListenersSource
    Find influencers on Rdio for a particular genre.

  • ZombieRouletteWebsite
    Practice your Thriller dance, share a video, rate other people's videos.

Checkout the full list of projects on HackerLeague, Cultivated Wit's blog post, photos from the event, and the video recap.


Music Hack Day Paris 2013

What: Music Hack Day Paris 2013
When: April 20 – 21, 2013
Where: Deezer HQ — 10-14 rue d'Athènes, Paris, Île-de-France 75009, France

Event location map