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Exclusive: Andrew Combs' Captivating Rdio Session

A Nashville star by way of Dallas, Andrew Combs crafts a prescient blend of classic country and contemporary pop that puts his sharp-witted storytelling at center stage, as you’ll hear on his Rdio Sessions performance. The four-song set features selections from his timeless album All These Dreams, which has drawn comparisons to great works by Roy Orbison and Harry Nilsson.

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Exclusive: for King & Country’s Uplifting Rdio Session

Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, once known simply as Joel & Luke, are now called for King & Country. The duo beautifully balances romantic tunes with spiritual songs, as you’ll hear on their Rdio Sessions performance, which features tracks from their second album, the Grammy Award-winning RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. Their honest and personal approach has won them millions of fans around the world. Tune in to the Rdio Sessions Station to hear all the live shows in our exclusive international series.

ExclusivesNashville Rising

Five Questions with Nashville Rising's Lauren Alaina

NashvilleRising_CoverArt_1500x1500_LaurenAlaina copy

Get to know Lauren Alaina, our October pick for Nashville Rising, and read our exclusive interview with her below!

1. What does it mean to you to be chosen as one of Rdio’s 2015 Nashville Rising artists?

Alaina: I worked on this new music for two and a half years writing over 200 songs. It's so rewarding for me to finally be back with new music and being recognized for it. I am so excited to see what the next year holds.

2. How has the city of Nashville affected your work and your songwriting?

Alaina: Nashville has completely transformed my artistry and songwriting. I have been fortunate enough to write with the best of the best in town and learn from them. I feel honored to be in such great company.

 3. You were handpicked by ESPN, along with Imagine Dragons, to contribute new music for the college football season. What was your inspiration behind the songs you wrote for this project? 

Alaina: I feel like "History" is a completely different accomplishment than I have made in my career so far.  I usually go into every opportunity as an artist, but I wrote for this project from more of a songwriter's standpoint. I love the song so much, but it's not something I would write for my album. I had a ton of fun creating it because it's so different than everything I am working on with my new music. I'm super proud and honored to have this opportunity. Let's be real. I'm a Georgia girl; which  means football is LIFE. Lol.

 4. Why do you think music and football go so well together?

Alaina: Music and football both have a unique way of bringing extreme emotions out of people. There's nothing like getting fired up about your favorite song or favorite football team.

5. Who are your Nashville Rising artists for 2015? Who do you think is poised to break out of this town?

Alaina: I think Danielle Bradbery has a great shot at becoming a female front runner in our format. She is super cute and has a beautiful voice. I love her to death.

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Rdio Sessions: Tei Shi

Valerie Teicher, best known as Tei Shi, was born in Argentina and has lived in Colombia, Canada and the United States, making her a true citizen of the world. Her life experiences and travels have directly informed her internationally appealing and future-forward sounds. Listen to her performance for our Rdio Sessions live series to learn more about Tei Shi’s approach to music, which melds the best elements of pop, R&B and electronics. The five-song set features songs from her EPs Verde and Saudade. Tune in to our Rdio Sessions Station for more exclusive editions!


Rdio Sessions: Scott Helman

Toronto’s Scott Helman makes pop music with startling depth and soul, as you’ll hear on his exclusive Rdio Sessions performance, which features songs from his debut EP Augusta.. An Rdio Artist To Watch selection for this year, Scott is also part of the awesome Rdio community as a music listener and fan! Follow Scott on Rdio to check out his exclusive playlists. Stay locked to the Rdio Sessions Station for more from our intimate live series featuring artists from all over the world.


Exclusive: Enjambre Rdio Sessions

Top selling Mexican rock provocateurs Enjambre are expert at melding vintage sounds and nostalgia with modern wit for fans on both sides of the border. The band’s live performance for Rdio Sessions features songs from the most recent album Proaño (which was certified Gold in Mexico) as well as the previous two full-length releases, Enjambre y los Huéspedes del orbe and Daltónico. Don't forget to tune in to the Rdio Sessions Station to hear more of our special series that brings you exclusive and intimate live performances by artists of all styles from all over the world!


Exclusive: Joywave’s Rdio Session Brings Happiness

Tapped into that brilliant line between retro and cutting edge, indie pop and electro, Joywave has nailed the balance of making irresistibly fun songs that stay repeat-worthy. The Rochester, New York quintet (singer Daniel Armbruster, Joseph Morinelli on guitar, bassist Sean Donnelly, Benjamin Bailey on keys and drummer Paul Brenner) are behind the latest edition of our intimate live series known as Rdio Sessions. The set features the songs “Feels Like A Lie,” “Tongues,” “Traveling At the Speed of Light,” and “Nice House,” all taken from their recent album How Do You Feel Now?

∞  August 21, 2015 — 10:24AM


Exclusive: Little Boots Works Her Rdio Session

British angel of electropop Little Boots is the latest artist to bless us with a live show to be recorded for our intimate Rdio Sessions series. Her set features "Taste It," which appears on her brand new album Working Girl and was previewed for Rdio fans first during the recording. Check out her session above and while you're in a live mode, turn on our Rdio Sessions Station for more exclusive performances from stars around the world.

∞  July 14, 2015 — 5:36PM


Exclusive: Taking Back Sunday Rocks Our Rdio Session

Long Island rockers Taking Back Sunday are the latest to do the Rdio Sessions honors and perform a live set for your ears only! Recorded at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, the four-song set is performed by the band’s classic lineup and features commentary for each track, including a playful cover of Tom Petty’s “Yer So Bad.” Explore more exclusive editions on the Rdio Sessions Station!

∞  June 23, 2015 — 5:28AM


Exclusive: HOLYCHILD Brings Brat Pop to Rdio Sessions

Los Angeles duo Liz Nistico and Louie Diller aka HOLYCHILD like to call their irreverent blend of musical influences and sassiness “brat pop.” As you’ll hear on the latest Rdio Session, it’s a sound that they describe as “one-half rebellion and one-half entertainment,” and they give it their absolute all both live and on record! The five-song live set recorded at SXSW exclusively for Rdio listeners, features songs from their brand new album *The Shape of Brat Pop to Come, including the single “Money All Around.”

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∞  June 16, 2015 — 9:00AM