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Celebrating Willie Nelson's 80th Birthday

Willie Nelson

The incomparable music star and activist Willie Nelson turns a glorious 80-years-old today. The occasion is marked by the recently released album, Let’s Face The Music And Dance recorded by Willie and the Family, his touring band (started with sister Bobbie in 1973) for the past 40 years.

Play this album of 20th century classics and standards of pop, rock, jazz, and country loud and light a birthday candle for the man who takes a licking and keeps on ticking.


Discover the 2013 Juno Awards Nominees

Juno 2013

With the 42nd Annual Juno Awards one month away, Canada’s top music honours are ready to roll. Carly Rae Jepsen leads this year’s contenders with five nominations, including Pop Album of the Year. But Justin Bieber is not far behind, with a total of four nominations this year. This year also marks the induction of k.d. lang into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Michael Bublé hosts the show on April 21, but our Juno Awards: 2013 Nominees playlist will get you ready in a flash right now.


Fall in Love With The Lover’s Rock Playlist

Tomorrow is a holiday for beaus to make beautiful music together — figuratively and literally, so we’ve created the ultimate Lover’s Rock Playlist. Serenade your significant other with a diverse mix featuring some of the most loved recording couples throughout the ages, from Sonny & Cher and Matt & Kim to John & Jehn and Dean & Britta.

The Lover’s Rock Playlist teaches us that love may not be forever but these tunes are timeless.


Questlove DJs Valentine’s Day With “Pro Creation Nation”

It’s Valentine’s week, and you can’t hurry love. With this sweet sentiment in mind, the mighty Questlove of The Roots has created a 12-hour “Pro Creation Nation” playlist so that you can serenade your sweetie with slow jams. Ever the passionate lover of music, Questo has left no stone unturned in collecting songs for the perfect V-Day soundtrack.

Included in this epic set are all the iconic singers who only need one name (Janet, Prince, Luther, Aretha, Sade) as well as music’s consummate babymakers of all time (Barry White, Isley Brothers, Isaac Hayes). Warning: These songs are hot!


Sounds From The Silver Screen: Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globe nominees include some of the most striking films in recent years. And because music can be so vital to the cinematic experience, it’s perhaps no surprise that these films come complete with top-notch soundtracks to match.

Listen to our 70th Golden Globes: The Music playlist for a handpicked selection of songs from this year’s Golden Globe-nominated films, including vivid moments from Taylor Swift (The Hunger Games), Danny Elfman (Silver Linings Playbook), and Keith Urban (Act of Valor).

Don’t forget to watch the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, airing on January 13.

EventsNew Features

From Rdio Engineering: Rdio Hack Day #4

Rdio engineering recently embarked on their fourth quarterly Hack Day. This is a great opportunity for the team to cook up some cool product ideas and build something fun directly into the product or outside of it using the Rdio API. We’re really excited to share a few of these great accomplishments. Think you’ve got an awesome idea for next Hack Day as well as the engineering chops to build it? Rdio is hiring!


Let’s start with some hacks on the core product set. Rdio is available on your web browser or downloadable as a Windows or Mac application.

Buddy System
Julia Chaves built tracking features so that you receive a free month of Rdio whenever a certain number of friends you’ve invited to join Rdio become subscribers.

OSX Rdio Notifications
Jimmy O'Neill added functionality to the Mac desktop application. When someone shares an item with you, it now shows up in the OSX Mountain Lion notification center.

Employee Directory
Jason Norris continued work on his employee directory features from the last Hack Day. An employee info section to profile pages on Rdio was added — and, as a bonus, so was a much desired feature to so that it can now be installed to your OSX command line.


Heavy Rotation Hatin’
Ryan Nordman added a remove function to Heavy Rotation to eliminate albums you don’t like without unfollowing people. Manually purge certain albums from your Heavy Rotation by clicking an X button on the album art. Special thanks to Bri Hunziker who provided the icon design.


Rdio lets you take your music with you everywhere. Here are some hacks that were done on Rdio’s suite of mobile apps.


Offline Search
Raul Agrait added the ability to search your synced Collection while your phone is in offline mode on the mobile app.

Location Tracking
R. Kevin Nelson added an optional setting into the iOS app that, when enabled, shares your location when you play a song by using your phone’s GPS. This data would be used by Rdio’s evil data lords for nefarious purposes — or, it would be aggregated into interesting stats on what’s popular in a specific neighbourhood of your city.


Remote Player Push
Brett Duncavage worked on functionality to push the master player to another app — including web, desktop, and mobile — from any device that is logged into your Rdio account. No more running into the other room if you want Rdio to play on your stereo!


Better Android Notification Tray Controls
Taylor Perkins improved the Android notification system so that controls remain visible when the music is paused. Larger notifications are implemented on Android devices that support it.


Some of the team looked inwards and created these hacks to make our engineering team’s day to day lives easier.

Code Review Activity Graphs
Craig Kimerer built a stats dashboard pulling from our code review and bug tracking tool, Phabricator. The dashboard shows stats on who has commented, accepted, and requested changes on patches. It includes a Wall of Shame that features engineers who have not reviewed a patch in the past week.

Rdiobot 2.0
Leslie Chong improved Rdiobot (our Skype bot) by adding the ability to interact with the Skype bot and query it for information. You can now ask Rdiobot for build status or about a specific test to see whether it has failed in the past or not.

Slow Queries Graph
Matt Erkkila created a reporting graph that shows an automated summary of errors and slow queries for all Rdio’s postgres databases. This helps us quickly determine which database queries need the most improvement.


Some of the engineers delved into Rdio’s data stores and mined the information for some interesting, new insights.

Zip Code Top Charts
Jonathan Klobucar and Mike Smith teamed up to sift through our play data in order to show popular music by region based on subscribers’ billing zip codes.

Predictive Taste Profiling
Matt Crocker gathered data together to predict the kind of music people like based on their age, gender, and location. He presented a new onboarding flow that suggests music to users when they first join Rdio by using this data to create a predictive profile.

Radio Smoothing
Rob Ferguson tweaked the Collection radio station to better select songs that were similar in genre or mood. He also created an analysis tool that shows you other users who have similar Collections. Lasty, he implemented a feature that lets you save a recent playthrough of a station on Rdio into a playlist to capture the music you just heard.


Influencer Graph
Jim Fleming made an influencer graph which shows a user’s influence score with their followers. Users received a higher score if they played music shortly before another person in their network.

Annual Retrospective
Brian Ferrell created a page of stats and graphs which showcases a user’s listening habits over the course of the last year such as your favourite artists and songs as well as the amount you listened to each over the course of the year.


The Rdio API enables you and other clever people to invent great new ways for listeners to discover, collect, share, and play music. These hacks generally don’t require any privileged insider information about the Rdio service. You can get more info about the Rdio API here.

Anthony Taranto and Netta Marshall worked on improvements to show data for, their project from the last Hack Day. This web app displays nearby concerts in a grid based on your Collection data.

Eugene Efremov further refined his Discoversong service. It now works on Windows Phone, and integrates with Soundhound through Twitter. Discoversong allows you to quickly add a song from Shazam, Soundhound, and other services to an Rdio playlist. Test it out for yourself here.


Collection Tags
Ian Gilman combined Rdio’s Collection data with data to show tags on albums from your Collection. This allows you to browse your Collection by tags. You can try it here.

Multiple 2D Collections
Scott Merritt created a web app that gives a more detailed view by album that focuses on the playlists which use the album and the album’s listeners. It also features the ability to have multiple Collections and these Collections allow you to use a 2D grid view where you can layout the album art spatially on the grid.


Rdio Firehose
Alex Gaynor and Jimmy Krehl worked together to create a new API method that would output every song play on Rdio in a constant stream. They built in a few filters demonstrating the feature’s usefulness such as displaying the most popular song in the last few minutes, hours, or days.

∞  January 2, 2013 — 11:00AM

EventsNew Features

From Rdio Engineering: Rdio Hack Day #3

It's been quite some time since Rdio's first and second Hack Days but the engineering team gathered again to create some wild and wonderful hacks using the Rdio API. This third Hack Day produced some awesome results — ranging from social features like compatibility scores to handy hacks like playlist cleanup. Here’s a brief summary from the team of some of the projects they created.


The Rdio API enables music enthusiasts to invent great, new ways for listeners to discover, collect, share and play music. These hacks generally don’t require any privileged insider information about Rdio. Find more info about the Rdio API here.

iOS Collection Browser

iOS Collection Browser
Ian Gilman created an alternative Collection browsing view that works on the iOS web browser. It displays album art for the items in your Collection and provides a means to sort them. Selecting an album launches the Rdio app and plays the album. Try it for yourself here.

Weather Generated Playlist
Chris Beale made a playlist integration with the Rdio API and The Echo Nest data to create mood-based playlists derived from the current weather and temperature.

Ryan Nordman wrote a playlist control application. The app helps you manage a large playlist of new music by providing buttons that allow you to move tracks into a favorites playlist or delete them. The app is accessible here.

Eugene Efremov added new features for his Discoversong Rdio app built with the API. Discoversong works by integrating Shazam, SoundHound, MusiXmatch, VCast SongID, or Sony Ericsson TrackID to identify a song and connect with Rdio to add the track to a playlist. The hack was built by sending a digestible email that would then use Rdio’s API to search for an Rdio library match and add it to your playlist. Try it now.

Recently Played Artists Graph
Alex Gaynor's app graphs the relative amount of time you spent listening to each played artist in the past few days. Enter your username and check it out for yourself.

Playlist Cleanup

Playlist Cleanup
Raul Agrait created a cleanup tool that will scour your playlists for Rdio tracks that may be unavailable in your region, and quickly provide a search method that lets you find other versions of the track to replace it.

Concert Listings

Concert Listings
Netta Marshall from Rdio’s design team and Anthony Taranto from the mobile team collaborated on a feature that displays concert listings based on artists in your Collection and Heavy Rotation.


Rdio is better with friends so here are some hacks that were created by Rdio engineers to add functionality into the social aspects of our service.

Sharing Users
Julia Chavez created a feature that allows you to share user profiles in a similar way you share songs and albums with your friends on Rdio. This lets you suggest influential people that you think your friends would enjoy following.

Employee Section
Jason Norris added an employee section to the user profile data in Rdio accounts so that Rdio could double as an internal employee directory. and Compatibility Scores stores your listening history which can be computed into a music taste compatibility score. Joshua Uziel created an integration with to display compatibility scores between you and users you follow, as well as a way to recommend new users to follow based on Collection similarities.

Who to Follow Using Heavy Rotation
Rdio is even better if you follow people with similar taste in music. Drew Bazan wrote a code to look through all the albums in your Heavy Rotation and suggest the albums' top listeners for you to follow.

Heavy Rotation Groups
Craig Kimerer added a new feature to group users you follow into separate Heavy Rotation views. You can put people who are inclined to certain genres of music together. — for example, create a jazz group or bucket all your angsty emo friends together to stop polluting your Heavy Rotation!


Rdio lets you take your music anywhere by using our mobile apps. The following hacks were created for our mobile applications.

Sending Remote Control
Brett Duncavage and Adam Lickel utilized the remote control feature, which allows you to control the Rdio app on a computer with a mobile device, and vice versa. They tweaked the feature so that you can send the music playing from the device in your hand to another device without having to move an inch.

Reordering Playlist Contents on Mobile
Taylor Perkins added a feature to Rdio for Android that allows you to reorder the contents of your playlists from the mobile app.


The creations below are some handy hacks that make for a slick Rdio experience.

Log Viewer With Sentry
James Cline worked on a practical hack for Rdio's engineering team. He integrated Rdio into Sentry's log in, a tool that allows you to group, sort, and filter log messages for easy viewing.

Lyrics Display
No more misheard song lyrics: Adam Polselli, from Rdio’s design team, mashed up a song lyrics display into the Rdio web app.

Notification Toast
Matt Carroll added notification pop-ups to the Rdio web player so that you get a confirmation message which slowly fades out whenever you add an item to a playlist or your Collection.

Rdio Links in Web Reviews
Leslie Chong wrote a Greasemonkey script to insert Rdio links into web articles. When looking at music reviews on an external site, you can click on any of the conveniently placed links to listen to the artist or album in Rdio at the same time.


Festival Watch: Halifax Pop Explosion


The Halifax Pop Explosion is a five-day musical extravaganza, presenting over 100 bands across 20 venues to over 20,000 fans every year. But it wasn’t always like that. Back in 1993, when it was founded, it was to showcase Halifax’s burgeoning music scene, and it focused solely on rock and pop music. Over the years, the festival grew and grew, incorporating more and more artists and fans into the fold.

Get a taste of the festival’s international, multi-genre sound via the HPX 2012!!! LINEUP BOMB! playlist below, featuring headliners of Montreal, Black Lips, Deer Tick, Atlas Sound, King Tuff, The Pack a.d., and HPX originals The Super Friendz. Or, even better, get to the East Coast to experience the fun first-hand! This year’s festival runs from October 16-20.


Festival Watch: Discover something new at POP Montreal


This week, Montreal will come to life once again as POP Montreal hits the city’s clubs, bars, and stadiums. The annual festival runs from September 19-23 this year, and espouses the joy of discovering music. Pass-holders are urged to check out performers both new and old, such as this year’s artists: Gotye, David Byrne and St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, Lil B, Deerhoof, Grimes, Purity Ring, and Gang Gang Dance.

Whether you’re getting your POP in Montreal or at home, it’s worth discovering some of the up and coming bands that will be performing at this year’s fest. Listen to a POP Montreal playlist below and uncover a gem:


Old School, New School: A Hip-Hop Back to School Playlist

Tomorrow, it’s officially September, which means one thing: Back to school. Whether you’re going back to your old school or starting at a new school, you’re going to need a killer playlist, so we thought, “Why not appeal to both?”

The playlist above comes in pairs of two: an old school hip-hop classic, followed by a new school hip-hop artist who continued their tradition. Talk about backpack rap!

∞  August 31, 2012 — 10:00AM