February 2013

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Get a First Listen of Data Romance’s Debut Album

Data Romance

Vancouver-based electro duo Data Romance is almost ready to drop the debut album Other. The official release date is February 19, but anyone on Rdio can enjoy an exclusive preview right now courtesy of producer Ajay Bhattacharyya and singer Amy Kirkpatrick.

Data Romance is also on Rdio so follow the pair to hear what’s in their Heavy Rotation.


Hear Buckcherry’s Confessions on Rdio Now


Buckcherry’s sixth album Confessions explores the seven deadly sins in depth, dedicating a song to each of the notorious (and notoriously enjoyable) vices. The songs collectively evoked such cinematic qualities to the band that a screenplay based on the album was penned and Buckcherry is now about to begin shooting it as a short film.

Confessions will be released on February 19, but you don’t have to lust after or envy that date. Rdio listeners can hit play now and indulge the rockers’ brand new album one week early.

MusicNew Music Weekly

New Music Tuesday - February 11, 2013


The most romantic week of the year brings plenty of new music to fall in love with, whether you’re solo or have a Valentine. Highlights include lively debut albums from Golden State pop group Psychic Friend, London dubsteppers Modestep, and British rockers The Virginmarys as well as the fourth full-length by Mexican norteño quartet Calibre 50.

Our New Music Tuesday playlist will quickly bring you up to speed with the latest offerings for your ears. The Playlist Notes below point out the week’s key sounds, and be sure to stop by the Rdio New Releases for even more of what you’re looking for — great music!


  • Foals - Holy Fire
    The British band unlocks unexpected funk with a heavier and dirtier sound on this third album.

  • Matt Costa - Matt Costa (Deluxe)
    The SoCal singer-songwriter waited until his fourth full-length release to name his album after himself, a true sign of pride in this work. Hear Costa speak about the new album on his Rdio-exclusive commentary.

  • Darwin Deez - Songs For Imaginative People
    The indie pop band named for its deliciously odd lead singer avoids the sophomore slump with this fun follow-up to 2010’s self-titled effort. Deez himself also put together an exclusive Rdio playlist of the most underrated rap and pop songs out there.

  • Drake - "Started From the Bottom"
    This first taste of the Canadian rapper’s third album has already inspired numerous covers, remixes, and freestyles.

  • Escape the Fate - "Ungrateful"
    Get the first taste of the hardcore Vegas band's new album, slated to drop this summer, with the first single which also happens to be the title track.


Rdio Presents An Exclusive Preview of STRFKR’s New Album


Portland’s STRFKR first gained national acclaim in 2009 via a bouncy and unforgettable song called "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Third." Following that success, STRFKR signed to Polyvinyl Records to release sophomore album Reptilians, which managed the difficult task of making pop songs about topics as grim as death danceable and downright fun.

Six years into the life of the band and STRFKR is ready to release the third album, Miracle Mile. It doesn’t officially drop until February 19, but Rdio is giving you an exclusive preview of the album one week early.

Hit play and follow the stars from STRFKR on Rdio!


Questlove DJs Valentine’s Day With “Pro Creation Nation”

It’s Valentine’s week, and you can’t hurry love. With this sweet sentiment in mind, the mighty Questlove of The Roots has created a 12-hour “Pro Creation Nation” playlist so that you can serenade your sweetie with slow jams. Ever the passionate lover of music, Questo has left no stone unturned in collecting songs for the perfect V-Day soundtrack.

Included in this epic set are all the iconic singers who only need one name (Janet, Prince, Luther, Aretha, Sade) as well as music’s consummate babymakers of all time (Barry White, Isley Brothers, Isaac Hayes). Warning: These songs are hot!

New FeaturesNews

Music is One Click Away with Facebook Login


Thanks to Facebook Login, we’ve made signing up to Rdio simpler than ever.

Go to rdio.com and click the blue “Continue” button on either the Web or mobile app. This new added feature makes signing up a cinch, but if you prefer to sign up via email, you can still do that too. Happy listening, folks!


Finish The Deer Tracks' Trilogy Early on Rdio

The Deer Tracks

Self-described Swedish “Northern Light Electronica” duo The Deer Tracks began a three-part musical project called The Archer Trilogy, releasing Part 1 and Part 2 in 2011, and now finish the infectious tale with The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3. The album is formally released on February 11, but since we have little use for formality here at Rdio we’ve secured an early preview just for you.

Listen to The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3, one week early, right now.

MusicNew Music Weekly

New Music Tuesday - February 5, 2013


The first release day in February brings a windfall of wonderful new singles, EPs, and albums. Independent artists really soar into the spotlight this week, including a debut full-length from SoCal psych rockers Feeding People, transcontinental hip-hop from London producer The Purist, the breakout release by Boston’s Kingsley Flood, and the latest by Canadian folk hero Hayden.

Our New Music Tuesday playlist is the best way to get up to speed with the latest sounds. Peruse the Playlist Notes below as you listen for more picks of the week, and click over to Rdio New Releases to browse the full collection of freshness.


  • Guards - In Guards We Trust
    Big hooks and nostalgic alt-rock riffs mark this anticipated debut album from the New York trio.

  • Mumford & Sons - The Road To Red Rocks (Live)
    This new live album from the globally-beloved English folk artists accompanies a concert film of the same name. Listen to the performance from summer 2012 at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

  • Jim James - Regions of Light and Sound of God
    My Morning Jacket’s frontman emerges with his debut solo album, an introspective effort which explores new frontiers of sound and emotion.

  • The Black Angels - "Don't Play With Guns"
    The first single from the upcoming Indigo Meadow album, which is due out in April, finds the L.A. psych rockers tackling a politics.


Aaron Neville Shares The Secrets of My True Story on Rdio

Aaron Neville

The songs on Aaron Neville’s new Blue Note album My True Story helped mold the legendary artist. Co-produced with Don Was and Keith Richards, it is a collection of 12 classic doo-wop songs that Neville grew up with and are indelibly woven into his creative spirit.

Learn more about why Mr. Neville chose these particular tunes as he shares My True Story with exclusive commentary only for Rdio listeners.

Rdio Recommends

Rdio Recommends: January 2013

2013 kicked off with so much good music that some fans are already thinking of what will end up being their best albums of the year. Rdio Recommends: January 2013 features all the tracks that we haven’t been able to stop listening to and sharing with our friends so far this year.

Have we forgotten to include your favourite new songs from January? Peek at the playlist and let us know about your most memorable songs of the month.

About Rdio Recommends: The first Monday of every month, we’ll review and create a playlist that reflects what we’re enjoying and think you might also like. It is composed entirely of new music from the previous month.