Developer App

Developer App: Synco


Syncing just got a whole lot simpler thanks to this month’s Developer App. Synco helps manage and update your offline music on mobile devices.

Head over to and connect your Rdio account. Choose any or all of the four categories to sync — your favourite artists, favourite albums, trending artists, and trending albums. The favourite and trending albums categories are populated by the track listings from the actual albums. Favourite and trending artists pulls the top tracks from the artist’s Top Songs Station, mixing your most loved tracks with new discoveries.

No need to fuss if you have an ever changing queue of trending artists and albums — Synco will automatically update your offline music periodically according to your listening habits.

Follow Synco on Twitter for updates including news on upcoming features like the ability to add and remove more music from each category.

Want to learn more about the Rdio API? Visit Rdio’s Developer page, register for an API key, and start building. Feel free to check out our sample code and libraries on Github and join our API Google Group. Need more incentive? You can even earn some cash via the Rdio Affiliate Program.