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New Music Tuesday - September 4, 2012


It’s an “alternative” kind of New Music Tuesday: San Francisco garage-pop outfit The Fresh & Onlys, former Hüsker Dü frontman Bob Mould, and UK indie quartet The Vaccines all have new albums this week. The sharp-tongued romantic singer-songwriter Jens Lekman’s got a new one, too, and metal vets Judas Priest are reissuing their classic Screaming for Vengeance.

Screaming for more? Lend an ear to the weekly New Music Tuesday playlist and the rest of this week’s new albums in the Rdio New Releases, and check our playlist notes below for highlights.

Playlist Notes

  • Deerhoof - Breakup Song
    The eccentric pop troupe switch genres like clothing, always successfully. This time around, it’s a playful mix of tropicalia, funk, and electro-pop.

  • Stars - The North
    The Canadian noir-pop band’s sixth album continues in the brooding, orchestral sound that they do so well.

  • Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon
    The band’s follow-up to their beloved debut promises all the dance-floor-ready disco-punk you could ask for. Slip on your dancing shoes.

  • Cat Power - Sun
    The folk and bluesy Chan Marshall takes a left-turn on her new album, opting for dance-oriented, electronic flourishes in place of her acoustic, guitar-based arrangements.

  • Animal Collective - Centipede Hz
    The shapeshifting, boundary pushing indie rock collective has described this as their most “alien” album. We hear it’s out of this world.