Goin’ to the Cottage: Tunes for your May 2-4

The May 2-4 is a Canadian tradition. The first three-day weekend of nice weather means meeting up with good friends, packing into the car, and hauling butt up to the cottage. Of course, the place will need a spit-shine, but once the cobwebs are dusted away, it’s time for beers, boating, and campfires — and nothing sets the mood like a little good-times cottage music.

In that spirit, we’ve started a Goin’ to the Cottage playlist to soundtrack your long weekend, but it wouldn’t be the same without input from a few friends. What tunes remind you of a weekend at the cottage? What songs go over well around the campfire? Let us know by adding to the Goin’ to the Cottage playlist above.

∞  May 17, 2012 — 9:00AM