Exclusive: Listen to Sydney Wayser’s Bell Choir Coast

(Photograph by Shervin Lainez)

When Los Angeles singer-songwriter Sydney Wayser was in New York to record her new album, she found the weather dreary. So, she crept back into her mind, where the warm, beautiful beach she envisioned was waiting — there, she found the inspiration she needed to evoke the laid-back, fun-loving atmosphere of her native city. Based off that vision, Wayser created her third album, Bell Choir Coast. It is the sound of Wayser’s fantasy land: banjos, whistled melodies, gentle chimes, and strummed guitar.

The album will be released a week from now, but you can listen to the whole thing now, only on Rdio. Hear Bell Choir Coast below.

∞  March 21, 2012 — 10:11AM