Exclusive: Listen to the Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor and May Day

Matt Pryor

Matt Pryor is a busy guy — he has commitments to The New Amsterdams, his children’s music group The Terrible Twos, and is the Get Up Kids' main singer-songwriter.

During his active 2011, Pryor found the time to record a full-length followup to his 2008 solo debut, Confidence Man. The new album, May Day, wasn’t just Pryor’s doing — he enlisted the help of his audience through a fan-funded Kickstarter campaign. And the response was tremendous — Pryor earned twice what he needed to craft the album. May Day is the work of a singer-songwriter whose commitment to his fans over the years was gladly and enthusiastically reciprocated.

Rdio is proud to have his new music a week early — hear the new album now.