A New Year’s Eve Playlist for Every Mood

Party rock

There are still a few days until New Year’s Eve, but by now you should at least have a hazy idea what your plans are for ushering in the new year. When it comes to music, we’re here to help you celebrate — whether that means a night of partying, or a mellow, contemplative night spent at home.

If you're planning to get your party on, you'll find plenty of fist-pumping excellence in our “Party Rock New Years” playlist, which features the best in glitzy-glam party rock anthems and dance-floor bangers. Hosting a soiree or an all-night rager? Going for a night on the town? Whether you’re getting sprayed with confetti, champagne or both, this playlist should suit all your New Year’s Eve needs.

If you're spending the night relaxing, we’ve got another kind of playlist for you. Whether you’ve just moved to a new city, been through a messy break-up, or are otherwise feeling introspective, we’ve got the perfect mix of down-and-out dirges and quiet ballads to help you savor that mood. Pour yourself another another scotch, settle into your armchair, and enjoy the “A No-Plans New Year's Eve”.

From all of us at Rdio, Happy New Year, and all the best for 2012.