Comedy Exclusive: Rachel Feinstein’s Thug Tears


Rachel Feinstein is about as versatile a comedian as they come. For years she’s been writing (for The Onion and Heeb Magazine), lending her voice to television (Spike TV and Adult Swim), and performing in her preferred mode of comedy (standup), which has garnered her appearances on Last Comic Standing, Just for Laughs, and a half-hour special for Comedy Central. Feinstein’s comedy is based on cultural critique — she uses her spot-on impersonations of movie characters, cultural stereotypes such as thugs, and yes, even her own mother to make incisive observations about the often unfair way the world works. On November 28th, Feinstein will bring her white-hot wit and host of impersonations to her debut comedy album, Thug Tears.

Fans eager to hear the album sooner are in luck — Thug Tears is available for streaming right now, exclusively on Rdio.

Those familiar with Feinstein will also know one of her best characters: Ice Cold Rhoda. Ice Cold Rhoda, the OGG, Original Gangster Grandma is typically a hater, but of course as the OGG she’s got some love to show, so she put together a playlist of her favorite hip-hop songs. Check it out below.