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Influencer Spotlight: MTV News Canada


Everybody knows the tremendous influence MTV wielded over the musical landscape since its inception in 1981, but it has infiltrated popular culture far beyond the original channel. Today MTV influences music in a myriad of more subtle ways, and MTV News Canada is one of them.

This half-hour program is a curatorial news show reflecting daily pop-cultural events and trends, so they're a natural fit as an Rdio Influencer. Their finger is firmly on the pulse of music culture, whether it's about Internet phenoms like Kreayshawn or more established news-makers like Kanye West. They also interview deserving Canadian artists such as Arcade Fire, Hollerado, and Shad.

The show’s Rdio page is constantly updated with playlists reflecting headlines from noteworthy news days, as is their collection with the hottest new artists. “Artists on the Show Oct 11-16” showcases the kind of talent you can expect to hear about, and is a good indication of the music music you will discover by following MTV News Canada on Rdio.