Exclusive: Hear Kelly Clarkson’s Commentary Along with New Album, Stronger


In a matter of months, Fort Worth, Texas native Kelly Clarkson turned from a normal southern girl into an American Idol. Clarkson’s first season victory won her a hardcore fanbase that has remained solid throughout her nearly decade-long career. This month she'll be releasing Stronger, her fifth studio album to date. You can stream it on Rdio now, along with an exclusive Commentary Version where you’ll hear Kelly discuss the process of creating her newest work.

Clarkson’s raw, emotional and natural voice is in full effect on a new single, “Mr. Know It All”, which could be attributed to a six-month break she took in 2010 to restore her health and vocal chords. Clarkson has never felt or sounded better.

Check out Stronger now, and don’t miss Kelly herself explaining the album on our exclusive Commentary Version.