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The Alan Cross Recommendation Project on Rdio


Involved in a number of interesting projects over the years, veteran Canadian music broadcaster and writer Alan Cross doesn't show any signs of quitting. Take, for instance, his Recommendation Project: using Rdio, Cross created a number of playlists, each with a different theme, on which users can collaborate and add their own suggested music. The ultimate goal? To share as much music as possible between fans, without resorting to “robots like Apple's Genius,, Pandora or any number of algorithmic recommendation engines.”

The project started with the The Recommendation Project Part 1: Summer Song 2011 playlist, which asked users to contribute their favourite new musical discovery from this summer, old or new. Since then, the project branched out to include playlists with themes such as Canadian music, cover songs, cars, and more.

Have you contributed yet? Add to any of the Recommendation Project playlists on Alan's Rdio page (and don't forget to follow him!)—you could find your new favourite song of 2011.

∞  August 18, 2011 — 10:26AM