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Introducing: Rdio Family Plans

For many people sharing music starts at home, between parents, kids and significant others. Starting today, sharing music in a household isn’t just convenient, it’s also more economical—we’re proud to announce Rdio’s family subscription plan.

Did debating what to listen to replace the age-old TV remote struggle? Hopefully no longer—Rdio’s family plan makes it easy for everyone in your household to use Rdio simultaneously, wherever they are. Here’s how it works: each family member gets their own Rdio Unlimited account, with control over their own music collection, Rdio stations, network of followers, playlists, and all of Rdio’s other great features.

Someone in your family will use the main account, and he or she can add sub-accounts to their subscription. The first two accounts you add come with a great discount, but you can add as many as you like after that, all managed from one place.

The pricing details:

  • Two accounts cost $17.99 per month 
  • Three accounts cost $22.99 per month

Time to get the rest of your family listening to their favorite music—no matter what their musical preferences, they can listen on Rdio.

∞  August 22, 2011 — 10:16AM