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Influencer Spotlights

Lifestyle Music: Follow Ask Men AU on Rdio


Which tie should I wear with this suit? What should I cook to impress her on our first date? What’s the fastest way to get cheese-grater abs? The answer: Ask Men Australia. The men’s website addresses these questions and thousands of others every month, all in the name of their ongoing mission to help guys become better men.

Of course, better music helps, too. That’s why Ask Men Australia is now on Rdio, creating playlists to soundtrack the moments you weren’t sure how to. Whether you’re throwing a Sophisticated Jazz Dinner Party, a House Party, or ahem, Getting Down, look no further for the perfect accompanying playlist, and follow Ask Men AU on Rdio for more in the future.

∞  09/13/2012 — 6:00PM

Influencer Spotlights

Rdio Influencer: Follow Soundway Records


If you’ve ever had your mind blown by a Soundway Records release, you know just how founder Miles Cleret felt ten years ago in Ghana, when he heard a local DJ spinning African funk, soul and blues. He was inspired to start Soundway, and since then, the label has released albums and compilations featuring genres from all over the world: afro-beat, funk, highlife, ethio-jazz, molam, calypso, cumbia, champeta, biguine, and latin-jazz.

The label has traditionally been known as the go-to for reissues of out-of-print albums that, in some cases, were never released outside of their native countries, and has focused on modern DJ culture and dance-music. 2012 finds Soundway in a new frame of mind, shifting from exclusively reissuing albums of the past to pushing music into the future. New albums like Ondatropica, on which modern DJ Quantic and veteran Colombian musician Mario Galeano collaborated, demonstrate the kind of forward-thinking releases that the label is pursuing this year.

Be sure to follow Soundway Records on Rdio to hear all of the label’s recent and forthcoming releases, including those by Batida, Edzayawa, and KonKoma, the latter of which can be heard below.

∞  08/22/2012 — 4:00PM

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Vogue Australia: Influencers in Fashion and Music


If there’s any publication at the fashion forefront, it’s Vogue Australia. Worldwide, the magazine is a trendsetter: defining which fashions are in and out, discovering models and identifying what’s coming next.

Of course, Vogue’s also has flair when it comes to music, and they’ve found a way to show it on Rdio. The publication’s haute taste in classic pop and the new wave of indie music makes it an Influencer worth following. Listen to their Designers’ Picks on the playlist below, and then subscribe to their July 2012 playlist for what’s new and hot in the Vogue offices.

∞  06/20/2012 — 6:00PM