January 2013

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Free Access to Rdio Goes International


Now it’s even easier to discover new music with artists and friends around the world. Starting today, we’re extending free music on the Web to 15 countries.

If you’re a new Rdio listener, you can now sign up at rdio.com, and enjoy up to six months of free music, depending on how many songs you stream. Free streaming is available through the Web or Rdio’s desktop apps for Mac and Windows and no credit card is needed to start listening. A meter at the top of your profile page will keep you updated on how much free music you have remaining each month and at any time you can upgrade to Rdio Web or Rdio Unlimited to stream unlimited music.

Free access is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

∞  01/29/2013 — 1:00PM


Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s New Album II is on Rdio Early

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Last year, a new and mysterious psychedelic rock project called Unknown Mortal Orchestra won the Taite Music Prize, New Zealand’s annual award for the best album of the year, for their self-titled debut.

Not keen to rest on their laurels for too long, the Auckland-by-way-of-Portland group has signed to American indie label Jagjaguwar to release the sophomore full-length II. The album officially drops on February 5 but Rdio listeners are enjoying an exclusive early preview of II right now.

∞  01/28/2013 — 2:00PM


Sugar Mountain Provides the Pre-Festival Ear Candy

Sugar Mountain

Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain Festival launched last year to celebrate independent music and visual art on an international scale. The main event puts cutting edge sounds and interactive visions on a large spotlight, while a series of side events explore multimedia art and music on a more intimate scale.

This year’s main event takes place at The Forum Theatre on January 19, but you can channel the good vibes right now with the Sugar Mountain Festival 2013 playlist, which features headliners such as rapper Action Bronson, campy retro rockers Hunx & His Punx, and a rare appearance from Brooklyn’s ESG.

Follow Sugar Mountain Festival on Rdio for even more music from this year’s shows and beyond.

∞  01/16/2013 — 2:00PM

Tips & Tricks

Rdio Feature Spotlight: Remote Control

Back in November, we introduced our brand new Rdio apps for iOS and Android. Today we’re highlighting one of the most loved additions from our update to help make the most of your Rdio experience — with the remote control feature, your music is never out of reach.

When Rdio is in Remote Control Mode, you can still control the tunes playing from your phone with the web and desktop apps.

Remote Control

Clicking Play Here Instead will stop the song in its tracks. Press play to continue the same song on whichever app you’re using.

Remote Control

On the flipside, now the mobile apps will let you know when “Rdio is playing elsewhere,” too. Tap the bottom to bring up the updated playback screen. From there, you can use your mobile phone to control Rdio if it’s playing on another device.

Remote Control

Listening to music on your laptop while getting ready to go out? Pause, skip, play a Station, modify your Queue, and more from the comfort of your palm. Ready to head out? Keep the jams going by tapping Play Here Instead and your mobile device will pick up where your laptop left off.

If you haven’t tried out the new Remote Control feature yet, download Rdio for iOS or Rdio for Android now.

∞  01/09/2013 — 3:00PM


Bad Religion Debuts “Vanity” on Rdio

Bad Religion

Bad Religion’s brand new track "Vanity" doesn’t officially drop for two weeks, but we’ve got an exclusive preview for your ears only right now. This is the latest taste of the legendary Los Angeles punk band’s sixteenth studio album True North, which will be released on January 22.

Bad Religion’s own Brett Gurewitz is part of our community of worldwide music fans! Follow Brett Gurewitz on Rdio to hear classic punk cuts as well as songs that have been on his Heavy Rotation lately.

∞  01/07/2013 — 5:00PM

New Features

New on Rdio: Search by Label

Search by Label

Do you have a favourite record label? Perhaps you love Epitaph’s punk rock outfits, or maybe you feel like bumping Def Jam hip hop hits? Now you can discover music by label on Rdio.

When you start typing in the search box, labels will pop up in addition to artists, albums, songs, playlists, and people. You can narrow down your search results by clicking the Labels filter as well. Once you’ve found your favourite label, just press Play Station to spin their roster.

∞  01/06/2013 — 5:00PM

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Rdio App Update for Windows Phone is Here

Rdio Windows Phone

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’ve got it. The Rdio app has been updated with Windows Phone 8 support.


  • Windows Phone 8 compatibility
  • Improved online playback
  • Browse Recommendations
  • Metro interface enhancements

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and download the new Rdio app now. Follow Rdio on Twitter and Facebook, and tell us what you think!

∞  01/03/2013 — 2:00PM