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Listen to Adalita Srsen’s “Ultimate Faves Of The Moment” playlist


The Magic Dirt may be on indefinite hiatus, but front-woman Adalita Srsen is hardly sitting on her laurels. Early last year, she released her eponymous debut album and toured it throughout Australia for the remainder of 2011.

Now that she’s back from the road, this Rdio Influencer took the time to create a playlist of her Ultimate Faves Of The Moment, for your listening pleasure. Give it a listen and read the accompanying selection of playlist notes below.

Playlist Notes

  • The Knife - “Heartbeats”
    The first song I heard from The Knife was “Pass This On” which has that beautiful video clip and it led me to this amazing track. I've loved them ever since.

  • Half Japanese - “Silver & Katherine”
    I got introduced to the music of Half Japanese through a friend and I really like it. It's kind of kooky outsider music.

  • Yuck - “Suck”
    Sounds like early nineties Pavement. A really pretty song, great guitar sounds.

  • Wolf Gang - “Back To Back”
    I don't listen to much new music but I heard this track in a shop one day and asked the girl who worked there what it was. Rather obsessed with it.

  • Kate Bush - “Suspended In Gaffa”
    Kate Bush has been a huge inspiration. This is one of her lesser known songs but it's one of my all time favourites, up there with “Wuthering Heights” and “Running Up That Hill.”

  • Kurt Vile - “Runner Ups”
    Absolutely obsessed with this album. First song I heard was this one when a friend put it on in the tour van. Hooked straight away.

  • HTRK - “Eat Yr Heart”
    Love love love this band. I think they're music is tastefully produced. This track is so elegant and hypnotic.

  • The Go-Betweens - “Quiet Heart”
    Wow! What a song. I've always loved The Go-Betweens but have only just discovered this album.

  • Galaxie 500 - “Temperature’s Rising”
    I listened to Galaxie 500 a lot back in my uni days and a friend recently re-introduced me to them. This is such a cool song.

  • Buffalo Tom - “Frozen Lake”
    Good ol Buffalo Tom. And what a voice on Bill Janovitz. This is an incredibly beautiful love song. Delicate but tough.

∞  05/21/2012 — 4:00PM

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