March 2012

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Listen to Modular Presents: Leave Them All Behind 4, Only on Rdio


We’ve told you a fair bit about Influencer Modular Records. Now, the label is releasing Modular Presents: Leave Them All Behind 4, 38-track compilation mixed and curated by Sydney house duo Bag Raiders. The album is composed entirely of Modular-affiliated artists, and is the fourth in the ongoing series.

Modular Presents: Leave Them All Behind 4 officially drops April 6 (just like the Bag Raiders reissue), but it’s streaming exclusively on Rdio starting today. Listen today and get Modular.

∞  03/29/2012 — 6:00PM


An Rdio Exclusive: Hear 10 New Remixes on Bag Raiders’ Deluxe Reissue

Bag Raiders - general release pic

Sydney house duo Bag Raiders earned the praise of fans everywhere with the release of their debut, self-titled album. They’ve earned the praise of peers, too: the duo’s deluxe version of Bag Raiders features remixes of their album tracks by Armand Van Helden, Cassian, Afrikan Boy, Eli Escobar, and more.

The album is out officially April 6, but you can stream the entirety of Bag Raiders, remixes and all, only on Rdio. Plus, Bag Raiders are big Rdio users. Follow them now to see what the duo likes.

∞  03/29/2012 — 4:11PM

Tips & Tricks

New Rdio Spotlight: Your Network

Since launching the new Rdio preview for all subscribers, we want to point out some the handy new features and behind-the-scenes improvements. This week — let’s look at your friends, family and the rest of the people you follow on Rdio.

Your Rdio Network is like a recommendations system tailored for you, by you — they influence the music you’ll see and discover every time you log into Rdio.

Your Network

Now it’s easy to look at your friends’ favorite picks. From the new People Sidebar you can quickly view Your Network, and see what your Online friends are listening to on Rdio.


Find something that catches your eye? Hover over your friend’s name to listen along with a single click, or add his current tunes to your Collection or Queue.

Quick tip: Click the People icon to open or close the sidebar.

Who to Follow

Click ‘Find and Invite People’ to find out which of your friends are already on Rdio —you’ll have the option to connect with Facebook, Twitter or your email account directly.

Once the accounts are linked, you’ll see a list of friends from your network who are already on Rdio, but you’re not yet following, in the People You Know section.


What about people I don’t already know?

The labels, magazines, musicians, and tastemakers you’ll find in our Suggestions section are great for inspiration, discovery, and some pretty fantastic playlists. And Your Network probably follows some pretty interesting people themselves, so you can check their profiles for amped-up discovery.

Curious? New Rdio is a visually beautiful and dynamic way to play Rdio. The completely redesigned new Rdio is available to all Web and Unlimited subscribers.

∞  03/29/2012 — 4:00PM

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Let’s Play

Tips & Tricks

With so much great new music coming out each and every week, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the all the variety. And sometimes what you need is just a simple, well-curated playlist.

Playlists are the perfect way to find, organize and share music on Rdio — whether you’re creating or listening, there’s always something new to discover.

How do I create a playlist? Hover over the Action menu next to a song and select Add to Playlist. A pop-up will appear — select an existing playlist, or choose Create Playlist to make a new one. Give your playlist a name and description, then click Create. Allow other people to join the fun by making your playlists Collaborative. If you're using the new Rdio, you can also drag and drop albums to playlists.


Get creative! Share ideas, play musical games, and take advantage of other Rdio-ers’ vast musical knowledge. Use Playlists to:

To cruise the best of the best, check out Rdio’s Playlist Charts, featuring our Top Playlists of all time.

Have you already mastered the art of the incredible playlist? Tell people about it—embed it on your blog or Tweet about it. We are always on the lookout for the next great playlist!

∞  03/28/2012 — 4:00PM

Trade Twitter Music Trivia for New Rdio Access

Last week we unveiled New Rdio to the world — it’s a completely redesigned Rdio that’s simpler, faster and more social. The new interface is only available to subscribers right now but there’s a new way for people to gain access. Starting this week, we’re giving everyone the chance to try out the new Rdio in advance.

Follow Rdio on Twitter — every morning, @Rdio will tweet music trivia. Reply with the correct Rdio link and the hashtag #NewRdio for a chance to give New Rdio a test run. As a bonus, winners can also use Rdio’s mobile apps until the new Rdio is officially launched.

Come on down — win a chance to play with New Rdio on us.

∞  03/25/2012 — 5:00PM

New Features

Now Available: An iOS Update


Since Apple’s new iPad announcement, we’ve worked to enable retina display for the Rdio for iPad app. Today, the newly available Rdio app update does just that — see high-resolution, crisp images and album art while listening to music on Rdio for iPad.

Also in this Rdio for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app update, play up to 100 songs on your Collection Stations wherever you go.

Hop over to the iTunes App Store and download the update — see and hear the difference in these two cool updated features.

∞  03/22/2012 — 5:00PM

New FeaturesTips & Tricks

New Rdio Spotlight: Browse

Last week we launched the new Rdio preview for all subscribers. This week we’re kicking off the New Rdio Spotlight series to help familiarize you with some new features and behind-the-scenes improvements.


Housed on the left sidebar, let’s begin with the Browse section — with new Rdio, prepare to find music faster than ever. Easy access to both new and well-loved features can expedite your new music exploration, then quickly get back to where you left off listening.

You might have noticed that Heavy Rotation got a face-lift — discover what your network is listening to by scrolling through a tailored album display. With New Rdio, just hover over the user icons next to each album to see how many friends have listened to it. You can click the number icon to see a full list.

Blog-newrdio-userlink (1)

Pro-tip: you can still find your own top albums on your profile page, just click your name in the upper right-hand corner.

Go to Recent Activity to check out what Your Network has been up to. You’ll see their latest reviews, playlist updates, what they’re adding to their Collections and more.

Blog-newrdio-charts (1)

Top Charts is still the home of the most played-music on Rdio, but now you can see which of your friends is jamming out. Sort by Album, Song, Artist, and even browse through the top Playlists on Rdio.

Blog-newrdio-newreleases (1)

Be in-the-know with New Releases. Every Tuesday, find out what came out this week, last week, or the week before. You can also click Overview to see the most popular releases from the last few weeks in one place.

That wraps up this week’s New Rdio Spotlight. Tune in next week for more tips and tricks.

Curious? New Rdio is a visually beautiful and dynamic way to play Rdio. The completely redesigned new Rdio is available to all Web and Unlimited subscribers.

∞  03/22/2012 — 4:00PM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Listen to the Shins’ Port of Morrow


It’s been five years since The Shins released their last album. In the interim, frontman James Mercer worked with Danger Mouse as Broken Bells, started his own label, and replaced most of his bandmates — enough to make doubters think the Shins would never be the same again. Instead, Mercer returns with Port Of Morrow, an album that fuses the strengths of the band’s first three albums — charm, inventiveness, and sharp production — into one tight package.

Listen to Port Of Morrow now to see why the Shins are still one of the most consistent bands in indie music.

∞  03/20/2012 — 5:00PM

New FeaturesNews

Introducing: New Rdio


Welcome to a completely redesigned Rdio. We built it for you in the months since Rdio launched in Australia and New Zealand — it’s faster, simpler, and more social.

New Rdio is a visually beautiful and dynamic way to play Rdio’s massive catalogue of 15 million songs. You’ll find familiar features along with new ones — like the oft requested drag and drop playlist creation, a more personalized Heavy Rotation, and private playlists.

New Rdio is available on and the Rdio desktop apps to all Web and Unlimited subscribers. Switch on new Rdio from the drop down menu under your name and “Try New Rdio.”

What you’ll find in new Rdio

  • A new look and feel — More than just a boring spreadsheet of songs, new Rdio puts music and people front and center.
  • All in one place — Spend less time navigating. Music, playlists and your network are in one view.
  • Add entire albums to playlists — One of Rdio’s most-requested features is now a reality.
  • Browse even faster — Find music at lightning speed because pages remember your place. Browse a continuous stream of albums, explore one and easily return to the place you left off.
  • Listen with your network — From the People Sidebar, see what your network is listening to in real-time and listen along with one-click.
  • Let your network inspire your listening — Wondering if you’ll like an album in the charts or why it appeared in your Heavy Rotation? Under every album, hover over photos to see exactly who listened to it.
  • Sharing made simple — Drag and drop music into playlists or collection and share with others on Rdio without missing a beat. Music can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
  • Create private playlists – In addition to public and collaborative playlists, now private playlists can be created and shared with just a select few.
  • Easily discover people to follow — Check out Rdio’s latest music influencers in the People Sidebar and find others to follow such as artists, critics, record labels and brands.

New Rdio will be available in the near future to everyone else with an account. If your curiosity is too much to bear, upgrade to a Web or Unlimited subscription and see how you like people-powered music discovery.

As with anything new, we hope you’ll forgive the occasional hiccup. If you encounter anything out of the ordinary, get in touch with our support team via the help site or @RdioHelp.

Visit to learn more about new Rdio. Tweet @RdioAU about #NewRdio and let us know what you think.

Update: Watch the #NewRdio presentation from Livestream.

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An Rdio Exclusive: Listen to Deep Sea Arcade’s Outlands


Sydney indie-rock quintet Deep Sea Arcade proudly channe their influences — The Zombies, surf rock, and 80s New Wave — without ever sounding derivative. That’s a hard thing to do, but the group made it sound effortless on singles “Girls” and “Steam.”

Next week, those singles will find a home on Deep Sea Arcade’s debut full-length, Outlands, but for those who want to hear the whole thing now, we’ve got you covered — Rdio has an exclusive of the album, starting today. Listen to Outlands in its entirety below.

∞  03/08/2012 — 5:57PM